Here are all my posts about my vegan pregnancy and vegan baby…



1st Trimester

Early Abdominal Ultrasound

20 Week Ultrasound

2nd Trimester Recap

3rd Trimester



Todd’s Birth Day – 8/21/14

My Bottle Baby

Body Image After Baby (2 Months Post-Partum)

My Letter to a Brand New Mom

Baby Todd’s First Month

Diapering Todd (and Early Potty Use)

Todd’s First Trip to the Mountains (Mt Baker, WA)

Baby Todd’s Second Month

Baby Todd’s Third Month

Baby Todd’s First Week of Potty “Training” (3.5 months)

Baby Todd’s Fourth Month

Baby Todd’s Fifth Month

Baby Todd’s Sixth Month

I Used to Be Happily Childless

Baby Todd’s Seventh Month

Baby Todd’s Eighth Month

*Baby Todd’s First Day in Underwear (8.5 months)

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Oh No– Peanut Allergy!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Baby Todd’s Ninth Month

The 6th Trimester

Anderson Butte (Hike)

Paddleboarding at Elk Lake

Baby Todd’s Tenth Month

4th of July in La Conner

What My Vegan Baby Eats

Goatalympics and Vegan Food Trucks

Baby Todd’s Eleventh Month

Our Day at FHC Skyfair (Everett, WA)

Summer Fun With Family

Sleeping Like a Baby

Todd’s Birth Day – One Year Later

Baby Todd’s Twelfth Month

 My New Blog
(From Prolapse To Peace)


Todd the Toddler’s Thirteenth Month

Todd the Toddler’s 14th Month

Transition From Swing Naps to Crib Naps

Todd the Toddler’s 15th Month

Baby Formula: Thank You & Goodbye!

Todd the Toddler’s 16th Month

Todd’s Second Christmas (2015)

Todd the Toddler’s 17th Month

Todd the Toddler’s 18th Month

Todd the Toddler’s 19th Month

Todd the Toddler’s 20th Month

Todd the Toddler’s 21st Month

Kauai Vacation 2016 (with a Toddler)

Todd the Toddler’s 22nd Month

Todd the Toddler’s 23rd Month

Todd the Toddler’s 24th Month


Todd’s Swim Videos (~2 years old)

Todd the Two Year Old (Month 1)