Mom & Dad - 2015

Mom & Dad – 2015

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother’s Day!

Since I only recently became a mother myself, I have to admit that I’m making brand new discoveries all the time!  Among these discoveries is a new and deepening recognition for all that you did for me (and Karin) growing up, and all that you continue to do for us.  A mother never stops mothering!

I had a wonderful childhood because of you and dad.  I am lucky to have you two for parents.  I was fortunate in so many ways.  I’m grateful that I grew up in the Pacific NW, where we hiked, biked, swam, sailed, skied…and more!  Our family had so much fun!

I’ve always felt loved and cared for.  I knew how hard you and dad worked for your family.  You did so much to make us kids happy.  You gave us tools for success.  You taught us responsibility.  And– this is so important:  I grew up secure in the knowledge that my parents really loved each other.  I didn’t have to worry about divorce.

I could go on and on, but I’m going to try to be succinct in this post!  (I guess you were the one who taught me how to tell stories so that they include EVERY detail.  Am I right?  Haha!)

Anyway…thank you so much for everything!

My real point is this, though…

Now that I have Todd, and now that I feel such an intense and indescribable depth of love toward him, and now that I’m learning just how far I’m willing to go for him, it just makes me realize that you probably felt all those similar feelings and emotions toward me when I was a baby.  (Did you?)

Did you really love me that much?  Wow– that’s more than I could ever imagine!

If you did…and if you do…then, now I really “get it.”  I “get” what it means to be a mother.  Todd did that for me!

Right now, I’m picturing you as the brand new mom and me as the baby.  In my mind, I look into our old childhood pictures– going back in time– and I think about what’s happening in those pictures from a new perspective.  It’s not just from my perspective, but now it’s also from yours.  Does this make sense?

If I felt your love before (and I sure did!), then I guess what I want to say is that I’m feeling it 100x more now.  I may be a 43 year old adult now, but in some ways I’ll always be your baby.  I’ll always be your child, no matter how old I get!

Often, I find myself wondering if Todd could ever possibly love me as much as I love him.  The way I feel about him, I can’t imagine that it’s even possible.  But, I can hope!

So– I guess that just makes me want to tell YOU just how much I love YOU.

I love you, mom!