My parents came to visit us from June 14th through June 19th this year (2018). They brought their Airstream camper and stayed at Lincoln Rock State Park for 6 nights. We reserved a campsite adjacent to theirs on 1 of the 6 nights, as a ‘test run’ camping with Todd. This 2-part post is all about the activities during that week.


This was the next-to-last day of work for me this school year, and my parents were on track to arrive in the evening. Eric, Todd, and I ate dinner at our favorite ‘quick, cheap and delicious’ restaurant, Taco Del Mar. I took pictures to show my mom the size of their ‘small’ burrito…(= huge).

Side note: When you order the burrito vegetarian, it comes with free guacamole. The tortilla is packed with so much good stuff: choice of beans, rice, guacamole, lettuce, cabbage, pico de gallo, olives, cilantro, choice of salsa, and a squeeze of lime…

Taco Del Mar vegan small burrito

Taco Del Mar vegan small burrito

I thought we had more time to kill, so we wandered into Ohme Gardens (we have a season pass). Within minutes, we found out that my parents were already across the bridge. I was able to snap a picture of them driving on the other side of the river…

My parents’ truck/camper is visible on the road over there – June 14, 2018

We picked up an order of food for them, then drove to the campground. Todd liked going in and out of the camper and ‘reviewing’ the inside areas. He got stung by a bee for the first time, too!

Campsite at Lincoln Rock State Park – June 14, 2018

My parents with their Airstream – June 14, 2018

Campsite views

Todd with Grandpa

Todd with Grandma

Todd & Grandma looking out – June 14, 2018

Todd immediately fell in love with a pair of mellow dogs in a neighboring campsite. (These pictures were taken June 15th.)

Todd loved this dog

More hugs!

Todd & his buddy


This was the last day of work for me this school year. My parents did their own bike ride in the morning, while Eric took Todd to get his 2nd shot of the hepatitis B series (followed by building a new Lego set). At around noon, they all biked over to see me in my office.

Todd & my parents biking to my office – June 15, 2018

On our way back to the campsite in the afternoon, Todd fell asleep in the car. There was a hard rain storm a bit later, including thunder. Todd had fun running around the camper’s awning.


Last year, we went to the free Aviation Day event at Pangborn airport (see post, “Todd the Two Year Old (Month 10)“), and we returned with my parents this year. Naturally, Todd loved getting inside the various aircraft. While standing in line to board the DC-3, there was another hard rain storm.

Todd with his Grandma & Grandpa – June 16, 2018

Todd drives the FedEx plane at Pangborn Airport – June 16, 2018

Todd & Grandma at the cockpit of the DC-3

For lunch, we ate pizza at ‘Fire’ (Pybus Market).

Vegan pizza at Fire (Pybus Market) – June 16, 2018

Next up…Todd’s first tent camping experience! We had one site reserved, next to my parents’ site. First, we played at the park. Second, we picked perfectly ripe cherries off a tree right in the campground. Third, we were treated to my mom’s cooking, including her homemade (vegan) sour cream!

Shortly after dinner, Todd proclaimed that he was ready for bed. In reality, he wasn’t because he kept wanting to get out of the tent multiple times. Silly boy was excited about the new experience! He said it felt ‘cozy’. When I finally insisted that it was bedtime– at the ‘normal’ time– he fell right asleep! He slept right through the rain storm and some thunder. (There were no tent leaks!)

Walking to the park

Freshly picked cherries and our tents

Todd ate the fries Grandma made