Apple Coffee Cake


Mmm…try this apple coffee cake for a weekend breakfast or for dessert! Thanksgiving is coming (in the U.S.), too! The top is sweetened with some sugar but the cake part is sweetened with just banana, apple, and the sweetener in the soy milk.

Chop (finely) 1 large organic apple.
Measure 1 C and save this for the topping.
Split the remaining chopped apple into 2 portions. Half will go in the cake batter whole and half will be pureed with other wet ingredients.

Set aside 1 T ground flax mixed with 3 T water in a small dish.

Grind 3/4 C walnuts in a food processor. Measure 1/2 C for the topping and 1/4 C for the cake.

(Assembly is described below)
1/2 C organic sugar
1/2 C whole oats
1 t cinnamon
1 T molasses
Chopped walnuts (1/2 C as described above)
1/4 C raisins

Combine the following in a large bowl:
1 1/2 C all-purpose flour
1/2 C oat flour
1 T baking powder
1 t cinnamon
1/2 t sea salt
1/4 t ground cardamom

Puree in a food processor or blend in blender:
1 ripe banana
Chopped apple (portion as described above)
3/4 C organic soy milk (I used Edensoy Extra)
1 T avocado oil (or other oil)
1 t vanilla extract

Sugar, cinnamon & molasses mixture

Topping, ready to spread

Combining wet and dry ingredients

1. Grease a square glass pan with oil of choice (I use coconut oil).
2. Perform the different ‘preps’ of the apple, flax egg, walnut, dry ingredients, and wet ingredients.
3. To make the topping, combine the cinnamon with the sugar in large bowl. Stir/mash in the molasses until well distributed. Stir in the 1 C of chopped apple. Stir in the oats, raisins, and the 1/2 C walnuts. Set aside.
4. Add the following to the dry ingredients: the 1/4 C walnuts, the wet ingredients, the flax egg, and the remaining chopped apple.
5. Spread the cake batter in the greased pan. Spread the topping evenly over the top.
6. Bake at 350 to 375 degrees for 35+ minutes (depends on your oven; check after about 30 minutes then add 5 minutes at a time if needed).
7. ENJOY! (It’s good with a little vegan butter / Earth Balance).

Tags: vegan, non-dairy, dairy free, egg free.