Shoshone Falls – April 7, 2018

Twin Falls, Idaho


While driving from Snowbird, Utah to Boise, Idaho, we stopped in Twin Falls, Idaho, for some lunch. During a search for restaurant options, I stumbled upon the official website for the city of Twin Falls, Idaho. The website showed spectacular pictures of Shoshone Falls, “the Niagara of the West.” It said:

With a 212 foot drop and a width of 900 feet, it is one of the largest natural waterfalls in the United States. The flows over the falls are seasonal runoffs from the mighty Snake River, which carves its way through deep basalt canyons and is the largest tributary to the Columbia River.

Needless to say, a sightseeing stop was in order!  This place really is incredible.

Map showing the location of Shoshone Falls on the Snake River

These pictures (from a few different viewpoints) show the scene looking from right to left.

Looking toward the right

Looking toward the right

Rainbow in the falls

Rainbow in the falls

Looking down and to the left

Looking toward the left

Todd at Shoshone Falls – April 7, 2018