Elisa – July 18, 2018

JUL 18 (2018)

During our July trip to visit my family in Bend, OR this summer, we dined at Pacific Pizza & Brew. This is a favorite place to eat pizza and sip on a cocktail (or beer).

I usually order an Oregon Mule to drink (still my favorite!), but this time I tried the Pacific Margarita. The grapefruit juice added a distinct bitter/tart flavor. It took me a while to realize what I was tasting that seemed different! This is a good margarita for those who don’t like sweet mixed drinks.

Pacific Margarita and Kale Salad – July 18, 2018

To go along with my pizza, I ordered a small kale salad (Ingredients: kale, cabbage, carrot, mint, green onions, peanuts, shaved Brussels sprouts and spicy peanut-sesame dressing). It was spicy, but good!

Cousins at Pacific Pizza & Brew – July 18, 2018

We ordered a veggie pizza to share, and substituted pineapple for the cheese. As usual, we gave all the crust to Todd (it’s the only part he’ll eat). He ate a record amount. He only left 2 small scraps out of 8 pieces!

Veggie pizza – July 18, 2018

Todd’s leftover crust

Todd’s shirt shows evidence of a great meal…

Todd – July 2018

Eli & Todd play fighting outside – July 18, 2018