Saddle Rock – April 22, 2018

Wenatchee, WA
April 22, 2018

This was our second hike on the Saddle Rock trail this year, but this time, Todd made it all the way to the top. We took the other approach (trail) on this day. Either way, the trail is steep in places. Pretty much the whole way up, Todd pretended he was in the “Duel of Naboo” (Star Wars fans know what I’m talking about!). Thus, sticks became lightsabers and troughs and ruts in the road/trail became “the pit.”

Stick = lightsaber

Eric & Todd – April 22, 2018

Elisa & Todd (jumping over the ‘pit’)

Another “pit”

April 22, 2018

Todd’s double lightsaber

Elisa & Todd – April 22, 2018

Eric & Todd (view of Mission Ridge on the horizon)

View of Wenatchee, WA – April 22, 2018

Lollipop at the top

Elisa & Todd

Headed toward the saddle

Eric & Todd in the saddle of Saddle Rock