Hello – I’m Elisa.  Thank you for visiting my blog!

Freeheel Vegan is a place where PASSIONS converge…Passion For LIVING, Passion for LIFE…

I love to freeheel (telemark) ski, mountain bike, and hike (among other things!).  I love the beauty of nature and healthy living.  I have a wonderful family, including my new baby, born in August 2014.  I’m grateful.

I went vegan in August 2008 (read my story of transformation) and I’ve been passionate about Veganism ever since.  I’m committed to being a positive voice for animals.  I volunteered at a local goat rescue for 5 years, before I got pregnant with my son.  My husband and I will teach our son to co-exist with animals without using them.  I’m also an Occupational Therapist and I promote a healthy vegan diet because plant foods are the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.  I love vegan cooking.

Bottom line:  I want to help make the world a better place for all who live.  I enjoy my life immensely and I think it’s only fair that animals be granted their right to live and enjoy their lives, too.  This blog is just one way that I promote Veganism.

Freeheel Vegan is about FREEDOM…

Free your Heels – Literally this means telemark ski!  Liberate your heels & enjoy skiing on a whole different level.  Metaphorically…Free yourself from whatever it is that keeps you “locked down.”

Free your Mind – Be open to new ideas.  Think critically & challenge the status quo.  Cultivate empathy.  Experience the peace that comes from practicing non-violence.

Free the Animals – Live & let live.  Extend fairness & compassion to all living beings.  Reject the unnecessary exploitation & killing of animals.  Speak up & take action for the oppressed.  Help the rescued.  Support non animal based research & chemical testing.  Live vegan.  DO something.

Now…have a look around!