April 18, 2019

{*requires a high powered blender}

My son will be 5 years old in a couple months, and he still drinks this non-dairy milk blend like it’s THE best thing ever. (Which is true because it’s completely packed with nutrition!) This is the only beverage that he consumes out of his Green Sprouts Sip & Straw Cup (he uses the spout, not the straw). To say that he is attached to drinking “Goppa” out of his cherished cup is an understatement.

We tried to progress him to drinking his Goppa out of a ‘big boy cup’ when he turned 4, but it turned out he was NOT ready. I do believe this is because he was a bottle-fed baby (see this related post). But that’s okay! Ever since that failed weaning attempt, Todd has called his Goppa cup his ‘small boy cup’…as in…”Mama, can I have Goppa in a small boy cup tomorrow?” [He asks me that most nights before he falls asleep]. I’m okay with that for now, because he’ll only be my ‘small boy’ for a little while longer. He’s already talking about becoming 8, 16 and ‘a dada’.


2 cups or 2 parts fortified soy milk (we prefer EdenSoy Extra Original)
1 cup or 1 part unsweetened hemp milk (we prefer the brand Living Harvest tempt)
1 cup or 1 part homemade cashew oat milk (Click here for the recipe)
Dr. Fuhrman Pixie Vites powdered supplement

Our favorite fortified soy milk & unsweetened hemp milk with ingredients soaking to make the homemade cashew oat milk

Homemade cashew oat milk & Pixie Vites


We have no idea where the word, Goppa, came from. Eric and I always used to call it “formula milk.”