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Ocean Beach Roasters & Bistro – July 1, 2018

JULY 1, 2018

Between May and August this year, we visited Eric’s parents at the beach (Ocean Shores, WA) three times. On our second trip there, we had the opportunity to see Todd’s aunt Sandie (my sister-in-law) perform with her musical partner at the Ocean Beach Roasters & Bistro.

This coffee shop/wine bar is small but full of character. When we walked in, I immediately liked the log cabin ‘feel’ and the rich, dark wood. The first thing I spotted in the pastry display case was the sign for…”Vegan cookie” {{happy dance!!}}. It turned out that two of the cookie flavors were vegan, so I naturally bought one of each!

Vegan cookies at OBR – July 1, 2018

My sweet tooth was happy – July 1, 2018

We found our group in the main sitting area. Please be sure to listen to the three short YouTube videos to hear Sandie’s beautiful voice!

Todd with the entry way in the background – July 1, 2018

Eric’s brother & parents – July 1, 2018

Sandie performing at OBR – July 1, 2018

Todd enjoyed going up to the cozy loft and back down the stairs (repeatedly).

“All you need is love and the beach”

Loft at OBR – July 1, 2018

I appreciated that the animal head on the wall was carved from wood!

Loft at OBR – July 1, 2018

Wood carving at OBR – July 1, 2018

We ordered a bean burger to go with our cookies.

Bean burger

We were able to stay for the whole ~2 hours because Todd was so good. A year ago this would not have been possible!

Crescent Bar, WA

Crescent Bar, WA
June 2, 2018

On this day, there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Crescent Bar, celebrating the completion of several recreational improvement projects. We heard about it from our local newspaper, and we expected more of a crowd than we found.

As a family, we were focused on the child-centered events, so we didn’t watch the actual ribbon-cutting. Eric did attend a short lecture by one of his favorite geologists, Nick Zentner. The area has a rich geological history. Check out the website: .

Meanwhile, Todd and I hung out at the beach. Todd enjoyed some wading and found another child willing to share his water shooter (i.e., squirt gun).

Todd wading at Crescent Bar

Next, we located the “Jolly Trolley,” which reminded us of the trolley in the show, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. The driver took us on a short loop. The ride was free on this day!

Todd & Elisa on scooters

Elisa & Todd on the trolley

The Crescent Bar Jolley Trolley – June 2, 2018

Looking out the window

Family picture – June 2, 2018

Finally, we headed for the pontoon boat. Todd tripped on the dock and bloodied his knee a little. Aboard the vessel, he wasn’t thrilled about having to wear a life jacket (hence, no smile in the first picture). Nonetheless, the (free) ride was a real treat!! The boat captain took us on a complete loop around Crescent Bar island.

Todd & Eric on the pontoon boat

Eric on the pontoon boat – June 2, 2018

Almost finished with the loop around Crescent Bar island

Others on the boat & views behind – June 2, 2018

The boat cruised right where we played last year with my sister and Todd’s cousins. See post, “Todd the Two Year Old (Month 11) (Part 1)” for the pictures from Crescent Bar in July 2017.

At about 3:30 p.m., we headed for home, but first made one more stop: Wine tasting at White Heron Cellars. We love this special place in the world! See post, “Evening at White Heron Cellars (Quincy, WA)” (from August 2017).

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