Todd at ~3 years, 6 months old – February 14, 2018

JAN 21, 2018 – FEB 20, 2018


  • “This day?” (and he points straight up to the sky)
  • “Me always cracking you up”
  • “injured” (he said a few times in the same day)
  • “Ooh! You just nuzzled me!” (after Eric rubbed noses with him)
  • “hon” (he called me that)
  • “Thank you, that’s very special”
  • “I like this morning time”
  • “Me is too little” (when he can’t do something)
  • “Me just playing” (when he does something that I tell him to stop doing)
  • “I don’t like you, Dada” / He also told me to go back to work (he’s rarely grumpy, but he was on that day!)

After superhero day at preschool – January 25, 2018


  • Books: Charlie Cook’s Favorite Book, The Gruffalo’s Child, The Smartest Giant in Town (he calls it the nicest giant in town)
  • Movies: Peter Pan
  • YouTube: Jangbricks reviewing Lego sets & “the lady” building sets
  • He said:
    • “You rewind it again” (he likes to watch certain scenes over & over)
    • “Stuck in the jungle” (he calls the original Jumanji movie)

January 30, 2018

February 1, 2018


  • Eric takes Todd to the gymnastics open gym on Mondays; they set up the “Duel on Naboo” set there
  • Eric took Todd to the climbing gym (1/24)
  • turning into Hulk…he describes his transformation: “my ___ is turning green, my ____ is turning green” (etc)
  • he uses a different voice when he is Hulk
  • curling was on the Olympics & he said he wants to go back to that special icing place; (in general, he wasn’t interested in watching the Olympics)
  • he said:
    • “Yeah exercise, get me moving, get me healthy and happy”
    • “Me is so naked”
    • “This is great” (stack of large blocks)

Setting up the ‘Duel on Naboo’ set at the gymnastics gym – January 29, 2018

Todd at Walla Walla Point Park – February 7, 2018

Todd at Walla Walla Point Park – February 7, 2018


  • New Legos: Hulk mini-figure, Jungle Mobile Lab, Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace
  • He said:
    • “Put lightsaber sideways in his right hand”
    • “What’s that smell? Chocolate!” (he quotes Frozen)
    • “The last sticker says speeder bike is coming!”

January 24, 2018

Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace – January 31, 2018

Qui Gon vs. Obiwan – February 2, 2018


  • he can connect Lego lightsaber pieces together (1/28)
  • wanting to do his own spoon work for eating banana ice cream (he always wanted to be fed in the past)
  • he stepped into the right pant leg of his underwear while standing up (1/29)
  • he wants to know the meaning of lots of words, even ones he uses all the time
  • he recited the whole alphabet after Eric said, “A”
  • on 2/5 we started using a (sticker) token economy system; when he fills up a grid he gets a Lego set
  • using stickers we found out he knows ~17 upper case letters & 6 numbers by sight on the first try (notice that I left out the letter ‘N’…whoops!)

Todd wears Eric’s glasses – February 13, 2018

Sticker chart – February 11, 2018

Finding out which letters & numbers he knows – February 14, 2018


  • Eric picked up Adam from CWU 1/26, & he stayed with us until 1/28
  • Todd was so excited for “Aban” to come & play with him
  • He said:
    • “Hi Aban, I like you” (to Adam)

Adam & Todd – January 26, 2018

Adam & Todd – January 26, 2018


  • Eric skied with Todd (2/2, 2/9); they did crayon fights in the lodge
  • the three of us skied together 6 times (1/21, 1/26, 2/3, 2/10, 2/11, 2/18)
  • on 1/27 Todd requested to go to the ski area day care because the powder was so deep/difficult for him & there were high winds; he hadn’t been there since the ’15-’16 ski season
  • he said:
    • “Keep skiing, mama”
    • “Where’s dada?” (when we stayed home while Eric skied); “But I want him go back to condo house.”
    • “Signal might not work” (about cell phone service)

Snow storm at Mission Ridge – January 21, 2018

Mission Ridge – February 2, 2018

February 2, 2018

February 2, 2018

Hampton Lodge – February 18, 2018


Todd’s Hair – January 22, 2018

Todd’s Hair – January 22, 2018

Todd’s hair at Walla Walla Point Park – February 7, 2018

Claudio’s – February 18, 2018


  • Dining out: Claudio’s Mexican Restaurant (2/18)
  • he earned 4 stickers for trying cranberry sauce, canned corn, mashed potatoes & baked beans (2/6)
  • he said:
    • “Okay me eat it, see if it’s good. Okay, it is good” (edamame)
    • “Okay, me try one” (lettuce)
    • “Me eating boogers is my job but me got my job done”

“Black chip” – February 2, 2018

February 2, 2018

Token economy success -February 6, 2018

Claudio’s Mexican Restaurant – February 18, 2018


  • he was sick with fever & stayed home from preschool (2/15)
  • he said:
    • “My hands is pruney” (after bath)

February 15, 2018


  • he still naps between ~1.5 – 2.5 hours, starting at about 2 p.m.
  • he asked for “quiet Lego play” before nap (2/1)


  • it’s a mix of waking up once in the night (he asks for Goppa) or sleeping through the night
  • we do “quiet play” or “quiet Lego play” before bed
  • he started to scream for me loudly when waking up at night, but after I explained to him that he doesn’t need to yell (and I showed him the baby monitor), he did not scream again. He used a soft voice to ask for me.
  • he usually wants me to hold his hand while he falls asleep
  • He said:
    • “It’s bedtime”
    • “I want to read 5 books”

February 2, 2018

February 2, 2018


  • He said:
    • “Me do pee-pee, then poo-poo be next”