Part 6: Going Home
Saturday, April 7 – Sunday, April 8


We took two days to drive home, from Utah to Washington. Todd started acting silly after so many hours in the car. This was right before our lunch stop in Twin Falls, Idaho (at the Chipotle Mexican Grill).

After lunch, we did some sightseeing at Shoshone Falls (see the last post: “Shoshone Falls (Twin Falls, ID)”. Back on the road, we saw a really long load: a wind turbine blade. Todd took a nap.

Wind turbine blade

Car nap – April 7, 2018

Next stop: Boise, ID.

We had the good fortune of being able to visit my aunt (my mom’s sister) and uncle, and stay overnight at their house. Highlights shortly after arriving were: hanging out in the backyard with cocktails, watching the ducks in the above-ground pool and eating a delicious vegan meal.

Jeff & Todd watching the duck – April 7, 2018

Eric & Todd – April 7, 2018

Elaine & Jeff

Todd had a blast doing pillow bear and ‘pillow frog’ fights with Elaine and Jeff.

Elaine & Todd – April 7, 2018

Jeff & Todd (1 of 3)

Jeff & Todd (2 of 3)

Jeff & Todd (3 of 3)

Pillow pile

Before bed, Elaine and Todd enjoyed snuggling.

Elaine & Todd – April 7 2018

SUNDAY, APRIL, 8, 2018

Before heading home, Todd interacted with the ducks…

April 8, 2018

April 8, 2018

We stopped for a Mexican food meal in Kennewick, WA.

Hulk hungry! – April 8, 2018