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Part 2: Sunday, April 1

[Part 1 of this trip can be found here: “Snowbird Trip 2018 (Part 1)“]


We woke up to blue skies. It was Easter, so I wanted to give Todd his first experience finding and opening plastic eggs. Todd was recently introduced to the PJ Masks television series, so he was excited to get the toy Owlette, Catboy, Gekko, Romeo, and Night Ninja figures. The monkey stuffed animal was a baby shower gift from his aunt Karin, and the basket was made by his great aunt Ginny. He was a fan of the jelly beans but not the Oreos (Mmm…good for me!) 🙂

7:30 AM – April 1, 2018

April 1, 2018

Next up…skiing! We geared up to ride and ski the Chickadee lift at Snowbird (free for guests of the Cliff). Todd quickly got used to skiing off reins. Remember– at our home mountain of Mission Ridge he skied off reins only at the rope tow area.

Star Wars long johns! – April 1, 2018

Todd follows Elisa on Chickadee – April 1, 2018

Elisa follows Todd (taking a look at the pool) – April 1, 2018

Eric & Todd on the Chickadee chair – April 1, 2018

View of the Cliff – April 1, 2018

We started a routine of taking a snack break at the Snowbird Center.

Snack break at the Snowbird Center – April 1, 2018

Apres-Ski = pool time! We spent a lot of time in the pool on this trip. We brought Todd’s diving sticks and diving rings, and each visit to the pool meant meeting new kids and sharing toys in the water. Todd did huge jumps into the pool, over and over. He pretended to be Hulk on the deck (i.e., bashing over yellow cones). He did his ‘Nestea Plunge’ move (like he started doing at the end of last summer). It was so much fun!

Todd & Elisa – April 1, 2018

Elisa & Todd – April 1, 2018

Big jumper – April 1, 2018

Nestea plunge – April 1, 2018


Part 1: Getting There
Friday, March 30 – Saturday, March 31

We’ve been timeshare owners at the Cliff Club, in Snowbird, Utah since 2000. We enjoy one week every other year…to ski at Snowbird (ski in/ski out)…Alta (just up the road, in Little Cottonwood Canyon)…and other resorts (via driving…we’ve been up Big Cottonwood Canyon to ski Brighton and Solitude).

From where we live in Washington, it’s about a 12-hour drive (not including stops), so we prefer to make the drive over two days (especially having a 3-year old!).


Our first stop on day one was to give Todd a movement break. We found a McDonald’s with a play area. He was thrilled! Inside the play ‘cage’ he said, “Me know better way and me know slower way.”

Todd at McDonald’s – March 30, 2018

Eating fries – March 30, 2018

We stopped at Paizano’s Pizza in Baker City, Oregon for lunch. They have vegan cheese and some incredible toppings. I recommend the red potato! The woman there was so nice. She gave us a set of beer glasses for free! Todd sat on the motorcycle arcade game.

Todd on motorcycle arcade game, at Paizano’s Pizza

Todd was offered some free bread sticks & pineapple slices – March 30, 2018

Todd likes to lick salt & sugar at restaurants – March 30, 2018

Paizano’s Pizza – March 30, 2018

Paizano’s Pizza beer glass

On the road, I enjoyed some coloring. Todd took a nap in the car.

Adult coloring

Car nap – March 30, 2018

We encountered a traffic snarl after crossing into Idaho, so we arrived after dark at the Hampton Inn, in Mountain Home, ID. We bought Todd a couple Lego sets for the trip, so he played with the Mining Power Splitter set in the room.

Lego City Mining Power Splitter


Back on the road! We made several stops on our way to our final destination (the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird):

1) a movement break for Todd, 2) shopping at Target (we left Todd’s potty step stool at the hotel in Idaho), 3) lunch at a vegan restaurant, and 4) grocery shopping in Salt Lake City.

Of course, the major highlight was dining at The Vertical Diner (see the last post for pictures of all the tasty food!). {That vegan mac and cheese!!} While Eric did the grocery shopping and completed the final stretch of driving, up Little Cottonwood Canyon, Todd took a nap in the car.

Car nap – March 31, 2018

At last we arrived!

View from our 2nd floor room – March 31, 2018

Pretty quickly, we were off to the pool!

That night, we started building Todd’s new Lego Mining Experts Site.

Lego Mining Experts Site

(If I try to fit it all in one post, it will be way too long!!)

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