Today was bittersweet.  I’m happy…It’s my 4th veganniversary!

It’s also a very sad day, because today I lost my best goat friend, Bubba.

Every animal has inherent worth, but Bubba was extra special to me.  He was sweet as pie, but in a regal and so very dignified way.  Often, I would stand close to him and just savor his presence.  He wouldn’t walk away for several minutes.  I cherish those memories.

I felt a unique connection with Bubba.  I loved to crouch down in front of him, hold his face in my hands and just stare into his eyes.  What can I say…I love him just like I love my kitties…past and present.

I’m happy that, from now on, I’ll associate Bubba with my veganniversaries…

It is because I went vegan 4 years ago that I sought out the opportunity to work and play with the animal residents of New Moon Farm Goat Rescue & Sanctuary.  I started volunteering at the farm within the first couple months of going vegan because I wanted to help “farm” animals in a direct and tangible way.

I’m sure that the animals at the sanctuary have helped me a lot more than I’ve helped them.  When I’m alone with the animals, I’m grounded.  The serenity of the barn and the pasture is immensely therapeutic.

If I hadn’t gone vegan, I wouldn’t have known Bubba or any of the other goats, sheep, dogs, cats, horses and donkeys of the farm.  I also gained a wonderful human friend there.  Veganism has blessed me in a thousand…a million…a gazillion ways.

I’m very sad that I won’t ever stand beside Bubba in the pasture again, but I’m happy that he was infinitely loved and so well cared for.  Too many animals are not so lucky.  If you really think about it, there is really no difference between the animals who are consumed and the animals who are rescued.

I’m vegan for all of the animals.  Until my last breath I will use my voice to help liberate innocent animals from unjust servitude.

A kiss from Ellen, the wonderful caregiver of New Moon Farm Goat Rescue

I miss you, Bubba.
(For more pictures of Bubba– and the lucky humans who got to love him– click here.)