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Todd’s Thanksgiving dinner – November 22, 2018

What My Vegan Child Eats (almost 5 years old)
JULY 5 2019

This is a long-overdue follow-up to my post called “What My Vegan Baby Eats.” That one was written when Todd was 11 months old. I should have done a formal post called “What My Vegan Toddler Eats,” but I didn’t. I did provide food updates in my monthly posts about Todd, though.

Here is the current list of things Todd will eat now…


1.  Dr. Fuhrman Pixie Vites (Powder) (mixed into his Goppa daily)
2. Mary Ruth’s Vegan Vitamin D3 & B12 Gummies (1 daily)

1.  Non-dairy milk blend (“Goppa”) (contains soy milk, hemp milk and homemade oat/cashew milk)
2.  Apple/orange/pineapple/grape juice (mostly in restaurants)
3.  “Fizzy water” (Natural Calm Raspberry Lemon with a splash of unsweetened cranberry juice)

Drinking apple juice at Mission Ridge – April 21, 2019

1.  Puffed kamut
2.  Puffed corn (“pops”)
3.  Corn thins (“corn crisp”)
4.  Wheaties
5.  Popcorn with nutritional yeast / Skinny pop popcorn cakes
6.  Animal crackers
7.  Cake/sugar cone (plain)
8.  Saltine crackers
9.  Tortilla chips
10.  Lay’s potato chips (regular “yellow chips” or BBQ “black chips”)
11.  Pretzels

Eating chips at Mission Ridge – November 30, 2018

1.  Apple slices (organic honeycrisp)
2.  Kiwi
3.  Blueberries
4.  Raspberries
5.  Orange slices (cut up into bite size pieces)
6.  Grapes (cut in half)
7.  Watermelon
8.  Peach / Pear
9.  Dried plums (“candies”) (cut in little pieces & sprinkled with sugar)
10.  Dried mango (torn in little pieces)
11.  [His Goppa contains date & dried plum]
12.  Banana
13.  Homemade “Ice cream” (frozen bananas, soy milk, and vanilla extract)

Eating blueberries – August 1, 2018

1.  Steamed broccoli (“trees”)
2.  Corn on the cob (hit & miss)
3.  French fries (hit & miss)
3.  Black olive (rarely)

Eating a fry at Carl’s Jr -March 9, 2019

1.  Roasted garbanzo beans with salt and nutritional yeast (“salt beans”) (hit & miss)
2.  Refried beans & rice (at Mexican restaurants)
3.  Flour tortilla (“soft chip”) or toasted flour tortilla, cut in strips/wedges (“crispy strips”)
4.  Mac ‘n Cheez (made with cashews, nutritional yeast & soy milk)
5.  Angel hair pasta with Earth Balance & nutritional yeast
6.  Pancakes (made with Bob’s Red Mill GF Pancake Mix)
7.  Pizza (only the crust)
8.  English muffin (toasted plain)
9.  Toast with Earth Balance
10.  Soft pretzel (when we go out)
11.  [He drinks lots of organic oats in his Goppa]

Angel hair pasta with Earth Balance & nutritional yeast – February 7, 2019

Eating soft pretzel at the bowling alley – February 10, 2019

1.  Lightlife Smart dogs (hot dog)
2.  Chao cheese slices
3.  Gardein Crispy Tenders (he now dips them into ketchup & mustard)

Dipping Gardein Crispy Tender in mustard – May 9, 2019

1.  [His Goppa contains raw cashews]
2.  [His Goppa contains a small % of raw walnuts, Brazil nuts]
3.  Pumpkin seeds (occasionally)
4.  Sunflower butter (occasional licks off a spoon or dips in pretzels)

1.  Nutritional yeast (he licks it off the plate)
2.  Cinnamon (he licks it off the plate)

Eating a homemade cookie – March 13, 2019

SWEETS (occasional)
1.  Dark chocolate chunks
2.  Lollipops
3.  Skittles
4.  Jelly beans
5.  Popsicle
6.  Maple syrup (he likes to lick it right off a plate)
7.  Cookies (sugar, chocolate chip)
8.  Non-diary frozen yogurt / sorbetto @ Ice or Blue Spoon (Wenatchee, WA) & Bonta (Bend, OR)

Non-dairy sorbetto at Ice – March 3, 2019

Elisa – July 18, 2018

JUL 18 (2018)

During our July trip to visit my family in Bend, OR this summer, we dined at Pacific Pizza & Brew. This is a favorite place to eat pizza and sip on a cocktail (or beer).

I usually order an Oregon Mule to drink (still my favorite!), but this time I tried the Pacific Margarita. The grapefruit juice added a distinct bitter/tart flavor. It took me a while to realize what I was tasting that seemed different! This is a good margarita for those who don’t like sweet mixed drinks.

Pacific Margarita and Kale Salad – July 18, 2018

To go along with my pizza, I ordered a small kale salad (Ingredients: kale, cabbage, carrot, mint, green onions, peanuts, shaved Brussels sprouts and spicy peanut-sesame dressing). It was spicy, but good!

Cousins at Pacific Pizza & Brew – July 18, 2018

We ordered a veggie pizza to share, and substituted pineapple for the cheese. As usual, we gave all the crust to Todd (it’s the only part he’ll eat). He ate a record amount. He only left 2 small scraps out of 8 pieces!

Veggie pizza – July 18, 2018

Todd’s leftover crust

Todd’s shirt shows evidence of a great meal…

Todd – July 2018

Eli & Todd play fighting outside – July 18, 2018

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