Vinaccio Coffee - IMG_1665

Starbucks, you pissed me off.  You took away my free soy milk with my registered card.  Not cool!  Pfft– I have no reason to be loyal anymore.  I’ve moved on!

Guess what?  I’m glad you failed.  I found better.  I found Vinaccio.

Organic, fair trade coffee beans are what I prefer.  How happy I was to make this discovery! 🙂

After all, those are the kind of beans I buy for my home espresso machine.  I brew at home 6 days per week and I only buy a latte outside of the house about 1 day per week.

Lesson learned:

Sometimes a ‘bad’ thing is actually a GREAT thing!

(Now…if Vinaccio wants to really impress me, then they’ll go back to offering vegan baked goods.  Eric said he bought some vegan scones there once upon a time.  No such luck now.)