Just a quick post to let you all know that I’ve started another blog.  I’m not stopping this one, I’m just doing the other one in addition.

If you’ve been following me for at least several months, then you know (from my post “The 6th Trimester“) that I’ve been dealing with symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse (POP) ever since my baby Todd was born over a year ago.

Fortunately, I’m doing quite well– all things considered!– and my symptoms are mild most of the time.  To be clear, I’m far from feeling back to my “old self,” and the only time I have zero symptoms (i.e. pressure and “bulgy” sensations) is when I’m sitting or lying down.  I certainly have had to avoid/limit or modify certain activities to prevent feeling worse!

At this point, I still realistically expect further progress and healing.  And that’s the point of my new blog.  It’s called FROM PROLAPSE TO PEACE, and it’s a place for me to blog daily in a journalling style.  I end each post with “I am healed” because that is what I am manifesting daily.

Sure, I have moments and hours when I feel sad or frustrated about my predicament, but since I’m generally a happy and optimistic person, my goal with the new blog is to keep the general tone one of gratitude and positivity.

Each post is short and sweet because my goal is to blog daily.  It’s a different writing style for me since I’m usually very long-winded and my posts on this site tend to take days and weeks to write.  It’s liberating!

So there you go.  Check out the site, if you like.  Follow me there, if you like.  Share my new site…if you please?  I’m finding out that prolapse is much more common than you might think!  My goal is to connect with others who may be going through something similar.

Here’s the link…

From Prolapse To Peace