Pregnancy Test - December 6, 2013.

Pregnancy Test – Day 45 – December 6, 2013.

Hello, my blog followers!  It’s time for the official announcement!

We’ve got a “mini vegan” on the way!  I’m almost to the end of my first trimester.  What a crazy development for Freeheel Vegan!

I’m 42 and Eric is 47 and this was definitely not planned!  We had loooong ago decided that we didn’t necessarily want to have kids.  But– we’d also discussed that if “it” ever happened unexpectedly, we would keep and love our child.

When I was a kid, of course I always figured I would get married and have my own kids.  It’s what people do, right?  But– I also knew that I didn’t want to rush into having kids.  I wanted to make sure I had certain “conditions” in place before I took on such a great responsibility…i.e. get my career established, achieve some financial stability, and have some time to enjoy ourselves in our marriage.

Well– when I became “the age” (30) that I always figured I’d start a family, I had to come to the realization that I wasn’t really wanting that.  Maybe I thought a switch would suddenly go on that said, “Yes, this is the time.”  That didn’t happen for me.  I had to really examine whether I really wanted to have kids.

It was quite a decision to decide not to have kids.  But it felt right to me.  To us.  Honestly, I never felt capable of taking on the great responsibility.  I also realized that I would never reach the point where I felt all my “conditions” for parenthood would come into place.

And so, my life up until now has been abundantly filled- quite simply- with a whole lot of FUN…hiking, skiing, and mountain biking.  I’ve always wanted to enjoy my life to the very, very fullest while I still have a healthy, capable, active body.

Maybe that’s because I’ve been working in nursing homes since my teens.  I’ve seen all too clearly what disability and unhealthy aging does to people.  I never, ever wanted to “waste” my youth and my health.

Although I’m over 40, and although this pregnancy was unplanned, I do feel that this time is the right time for me, personally, and for us, to have a baby.  At 42, I definitely know that I’ve lived my life exactly the way I wanted to.  I’ve enjoyed so many different adventures.  I’ve had time to achieve some financial goals.  And, my age means I really, really know myself well.

I am thankful that I became vegan long before I became pregnant.  After 5 1/2 years, I am perfectly comfortable with the vegan diet and the vegan lifestyle.  I can’t imagine raising a child any other way.  It makes me happy to know that our child will grow up knowing that animals are individuals who should be treated with respect.  They are our friends and not ours to exploit.

After getting over the initial shock of this major life change, I can honestly say that I’m quite excited to take on this next adventure, and to share my good life- our good lives- with another little human being.  Surely, it won’t be all fun and games, but I know it will be infinitely rewarding.  I feel like I am in a very good place right now.

People think that going vegan is all about giving things up (i.e. deprivation).  No!  We gain far, far more than we give up, by going vegan.  Well– for the first time in my life, I’m beginning to think about parenthood in the same way.  I’m about to gain a whole lot more than I’m about to lose…