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Buzz, buzz, bzzzz…I’m still buzzing from my first experience doing the flying trapeze!  WOW.  What an exhilarating experience!  First of all, thank you, Facebook… because it was a friend on Facebook who invited me along.  We’d never met in person until today.  Now we’re “real” friends and not just “Facebook friends.”  (Gotta love the modern vernacular, huh?)

Until recently, I’d never even heard of the School of Acrobatics New Circus Arts (SANCA) in Seattle.  What a fun place.  Animals don’t belong in the circus, but people do!  I didn’t know that getting on the flying trapeze was on my “bucket list” until today!  (Technically, I don’t have a bucket list, but I think I might just start one.  After all, I’m already into my 40’s. Time’s a ticking.)  Yes, the flying trapeze is definitely bucket list material.

The whole time I was there, I was nervous and excited and shaking and giddy.  My face is tired from using my grinnin’ muscles.  (It probably didn’t help that I had a non-dairy espresso drink during the drive there!)  The class was small– only 3 of us– so we had plenty of “air” time.  I’m probably going to be sore from using muscles (i.e distal hamstrings) that haven’t been used that way for decades.  Let’s see…the last time I swung upside down by my knees on a bar was in elementary school, on the playground…around 1980!

First, I learned how to take off (“Ready, HUP!”), swing out, bring my legs up on the bar, and swing upside down by my knees (“knee hang”):

Then, I learned how to have the instructor “catch” me.  Here’s the instructor getting set up:









And here’s me in action:

I’m looking forward to going back again!

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