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Eric & Todd (7 weeks old) - October 9, 2014

Eric & Todd (7 weeks old) – October 9, 2014



Todd started his 2nd month being fed exclusively by bottle with formula.  We buy Earth’s Best Organic Soy Formula from Amazon for about $25 per can. I mix several 4 ounce bottles in the morning, then repeat at night.

Around this week, Todd ate frequently and consumed 1-5 ounces at a time.  He’d give the obvious “hungry sign” by turning his head from side to side and waving his fists across his mouth.  Between feedings, Todd mostly slept.  He was still waking up to eat about every 3 hours at night.

I was shocked when Todd fell asleep in the Moses Basket on the 24th.  I put him down briefly to go do something, and was surprised to find him asleep moments later.  Normally he won’t sleep during the day unless he’s swinging or lying on a warm lap.

Asleep in the Moses Basket - September 24, 2014

Asleep in the Moses Basket – September 24, 2014

And, speaking of swings…We got a new swing on the 24th.  **TIP:  Buy a swing that has a plug-in!!**  Our first swing blew through batteries and it must have had a crappy motor on top of that.  Thankfully, Graco gave me a full refund.

Todd makes his "sad face," in his first swing that would stop swinging - August 23, 2014

Todd makes his “sad face,” in his first swing that would stop swinging – September 23, 2014

The new swing is a Fisher Price My Little Snugabear Cradle ‘n Swing.  It’s AWESOME.  No more batteries required!!  It swings forward/back or side to side at various speeds.  Todd prefers forward/back and speed 3.  It has a mirrored globe with cute “buzzing bees” for Todd to look up at.  It has 2 selections of music (day and night) and 1 selection of nature sounds, with a volume adjustment.  The music and the “bee buzzing” stops automatically after a certain number of minutes (I never timed it).  The seat has 2 positions of incline/recline.

All comfy in his new swing - September 25, 2014

All comfy in his new swing – September 25, 2014

On September 27th, we embarked on Todd’s 1st long car ride (~2.5 hours each way) and 1st trip to the mountains.  (See “Todd’s First Trip to the Mountains (Mt Baker, WA)

On September 28th, I started using cloth diapers.  (See “Diapering Todd (and Early Potty Use)“)

Todd had a record, 6 hour sleep stretch on the night of 9/29 to 9/30…an exciting development!  But it didn’t become a trend quite yet.

Highlights of this week:

  • Appointment:  Cascade Birth Center (9/23)
  • Todd’s weight = ~8 pounds, 10 ounces at 4.5 weeks old (9/23)
  • 1st (short) nap in Moses Basket (9/24)
  • 1st first stroller walk with just mama (9/26)
  • 1st long car ride (9/27)
  • 1st trip to the mountains (Mt Baker, 9/27)
  • 1st cloth diaper (9/28)
  • Visit to my workplace (9/29)
  • 1st 6 hour sleep stretch (9/29 to 9/30)
  • Stopped recording every wet diaper (9/30)


Throughout the 2nd month, Todd exhibited what I understand to be pretty typical “evening fussiness.”  It wasn’t too bad.  Then and now, when Todd cries it rarely lasts very long.  Todd was turning out to be an “easy” baby.  We were thankful!

At night, he continued sleeping in his crib.  We’d gotten into a regular bedtime routine.  First, I’d set up my room with dim lighting, soft classical music (Vivaldi is a favorite), and a bedtime bottle.  I’d put him in a disposable diaper and swaddle him in his Summer Infant SwaddleMe wraps.  (I love those!)

Even if he started out fussy, once I swaddled him, he’d start to settle.  I’d rock him in my glider chair and feed him.  Then, he’d be sleepy enough for me to slowly walk him to his crib.  Then, I’d turn on his Sleep Sheep for white noise.  The start-to-finish process would take up to an hour.  On average, he’d be in bed sleeping at ~8:30 PM.

Infrequently, Todd cries when I put him down.  Usually it doesn’t last longer than a few minutes and a pacifier does the trick.  Very rarely does Todd have an “extreme crying” episode, when nothing seems to work.  October 3rd was the first challenging night!

On October 4th, Todd got dressed up for his first party.  It was a memorial gathering for Eric’s high school friend, Eldon.  He died in a skydiving accident.  Todd socialized some and then napped in his car seat for most of the afternoon.

Eldon & Todd - October 4, 2014

Eldon & Todd – October 4, 2014

Party for Eldon - October 4, 2014

Party for Eldon – October 4, 2014

On October 8th, I had my last follow-up appointment at the birth center.  I hadn’t seen Jane since the day Todd was born, so it was really good to talk about a lot of things.  Jane held Todd and he showed his affection by peeing on her shirt!  (We’d just weighed him without his nappy on.  He was 10 pounds.)

Todd with  Jane (Midwife) - October 8, 2014

Todd with Jane (Midwife) – October 8, 2014

  • Appointment:  Cascade Birth Center (10/8)
  • Todd’s weight at 7 weeks old = 10 pounds
  • Visitors at home:  Eric’s parents
  • 1st party (10/4)


On October 10th, we tried out the Bumbo seat for the 1st time.

On October 12th, my sister drove up from Oregon.  The next day, we drove to her house in Bend.  As usual, Todd slept while traveling.  Bottle feeding has its benefits:  I can feed him while he’s still in the car seat.

Todd and I spent the first part of the week visiting my family, and then Eric came a few days later.  I remember starting the week feeling very tired.  Night feedings take their toll after a while!  Eric helped out at night and I was able to get a little caught up.

During that week, Todd had a noticeable decrease in evening fussiness.  One time, though, Ashley and I had an epic laughing attack when Eric said, “We’re losing him!”  Todd had a really hard time getting to bed, because of all the activity and new surroundings.  Things got better at the end of our trip as he got adjusted.

We spent the week relaxing at the house, going out for lunch, and taking walks.  Ashley is the ultimate mother’s helper.  She handles a baby like a pro!

Todd & Ashley - October 15, 2014

Todd & Ashley – October 15, 2014

Eli, Todd & Ashley - October 16, 2014

Eli, Todd & Ashley – October 16, 2014

Walking at Old Mill - October 18, 2014

Walking at Old Mill – October 18, 2014

Trying on his Halloween outfit - October 19, 2014

Trying on his Halloween outfit – October 19, 2014

The night before we went home (10/18 to 10/19), Todd slept his first 6.5 hour stretch.  After we got home, he slept his first 7.5 hour stretch.  Yay, Todd!

  • 1st sitting in Bumbo seat (10/10)
  • 1st trip to Bend, OR (10/13-10/19)
  • Longest sleep stretch, 7.5 hours (10/19 to 10/20)


Other things to remember about Todd’s second month:

  • Too big for most newborn clothes
  • Practicing sitting and standing
  • Gets lots of compliments on the shape of his head
  • Smiling & starting to coo
  • Stretching arms over head
  • Staring at his right fist
  • Puts fist into mouth during tummy time
  • Looks at himself in mirror of play mat
  • Looks at pictures/quilts on walls
  • Funny tongue flutter when you take the bottle out
  • “Bubble lips”
  • Doesn’t like his arms to be covered with blankets
  • Eric teaching him “mama” & “dada”
  • “Superman” flying with Eric (see video below)
Go Seahawks! - October 12, 2014

Go Seahawks! – October 12, 2014

Buzz, buzz, bzzzz…I’m still buzzing from my first experience doing the flying trapeze!  WOW.  What an exhilarating experience!  First of all, thank you, Facebook… because it was a friend on Facebook who invited me along.  We’d never met in person until today.  Now we’re “real” friends and not just “Facebook friends.”  (Gotta love the modern vernacular, huh?)

Until recently, I’d never even heard of the School of Acrobatics New Circus Arts (SANCA) in Seattle.  What a fun place.  Animals don’t belong in the circus, but people do!  I didn’t know that getting on the flying trapeze was on my “bucket list” until today!  (Technically, I don’t have a bucket list, but I think I might just start one.  After all, I’m already into my 40’s. Time’s a ticking.)  Yes, the flying trapeze is definitely bucket list material.

The whole time I was there, I was nervous and excited and shaking and giddy.  My face is tired from using my grinnin’ muscles.  (It probably didn’t help that I had a non-dairy espresso drink during the drive there!)  The class was small– only 3 of us– so we had plenty of “air” time.  I’m probably going to be sore from using muscles (i.e distal hamstrings) that haven’t been used that way for decades.  Let’s see…the last time I swung upside down by my knees on a bar was in elementary school, on the playground…around 1980!

First, I learned how to take off (“Ready, HUP!”), swing out, bring my legs up on the bar, and swing upside down by my knees (“knee hang”):

Then, I learned how to have the instructor “catch” me.  Here’s the instructor getting set up:









And here’s me in action:

I’m looking forward to going back again!

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