2 years, 5 months old – January 22, 2017

JAN 21, 2017 – FEB 20, 2017


  • “big mess” (he tipped over shoe rack)
  • “hand clap” (talking about a song)
  • “put in mouth, take away” (I told him I’d take something away if he put something in his  mouth)
  • “key, lock door, go shop” (he said when I showed him a flash card with picture of a key)
  • “got sick, I barf”
  • “Todd afraid” (when watching Home Alone scene with furnace)
  • “fight”
  • “nukin'” (he says during snowfall)
  • “this”
  • “I’m safe” (he said while standing on the back of couch…since I always tell him to “be safe”)
  • “Subaru car”


  • he has a sense of humor: he jokes with Eric by saying “mama” going down the stairs when he knows I’m not there (see above^^)
  • playing in the snow
  • he likes to kick snow banks when walking from the “Subaru car” to the “condo house” & he says “kick” each time he kicks
  • cracking up to Home Alone scene (Kevin sledding down the stairs & out the door)
  • he asks for “Lady Gaga” (to watch the Super Bowl half-time show that we recorded)
  • Favorite TV shows: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Bob the Builder, He-Man
  • Favorite YouTube: “new Luke” (dance mix Darth Vader song)
  • he loves books & learning; he knows shapes like triangle, diamond, heart & circle
  • he says “I try again” while repeatedly stacking blocks as high as he can
  • he repeats “super cool!” when he plays this one iPad game (see video clip below)

February 3, 2017


  • 12 days skiing at MR (Jan 21, 22, 28, 29; Feb 4, 5, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19)
  • our friends watched Todd in the lodge while Eric & I got to ski some Central Park powder! (1/22)
  • he went off the box jump (2/12)
  • he loves to eat fresh powder while skiing & eat cups o’ fresh powder apres-ski
  • he loves to walk around on the outside deck at the lodge

“Fresh powder” – January 22, 2017

January 22, 2017

January 23, 2017

Todd & Eric – January 29, 2017

Eric & Todd Skiing Bomber Bowl – January 29, 2017



  • he likes to drink from straws
  • he likes to crunch on raw pasta & ice cubes
  • he likes crispy pizza crust & the crust is the only part of the pizza he eats (Papa Murphy)
  • when he drinks or eats something good, he makes sound “Cahh”
  • he called a muffin “pie”
  • Dining out: El Porton (1/28, 2/4, 2/10, 2/19)

El Porton – February 19, 2017


  • he got a cold virus this month, but not bad!

Elisa & Todd – January 28, 2017

Midway Lodge at Mission Ridge – February 19, 2017


  • lots of saying “thank you” this month (sounds like “sank you”)
  • very snuggly on the couch this month
  • he kissed Eli’s picture & Ashley’s picture before bed, repeated “I love you, Ashley. I love you, Eli.”
  • he has a crazy laugh that I love about him 😀

February 5, 2017


  • still no change from prior months
  • he starts naps between 1 PM & 2 PM, then sleeps in his crib up to 3 hours
  • he rarely falls asleep in the car (mostly because our car rides are so nice and short!) but this month he fell asleep twice after skiing

February 18, 2017


  • status quo bedtime (~9 PM) & wake up time (~6 AM) = 9 hours of night time sleep
  • he woke up in the night 8x & fell back asleep pretty quickly
    • woke up 3:15 AM for goppa (1/30)
    • woke up 1:50 AM for goppa & “need Dada” (2/1)
    • woke up 1:50 AM for goppa (2/3)
    • woke up 3 AM “goppa water” (2/4)
    • woke up 1:50 AM & needed “mama stay” & “mama hand” (2/5)
    • woke up 2:50 AM “mama stay” (2/7)
    • woke up 4:15 AM (2/11)
    • woke up 5 AM (2/13)
  • once it seemed like he was talking in his sleep  at 3 AM (I heard him say, “Dada! dada!”)
  • he uses Pillow Bear’s leg as a pillow & he likes to stuff his pillow blanket behind his neck
  • he started sleeping with the “fuzzy” (i.e., blanket) that Ashley made him
  • he barfed in his bed twice in one night (2/5)
  • before bed he likes me to “draw car” (and diggers) on the Magna doodle (repeatedly)
  • he says “mama stay” (sounds like “mama day”) when he goes to sleep at night

Pillow Bear & Todd – February 3, 2017

Bedtime – February 3, 2017


  • he initiated a pee-pee in his baby potty
  • he rarely misses poo-poos in toilet
  • he jokes with Eric by saying he needs “five” wipes when Eric asks him how many will be needed to wipe his butt after doing a poo-poo

January 23, 2017