Highline Bar – Seattle, Washington

Are you craving those classic greasy appetizers– like Fish & Chips and Buffalo Wings– but you don’t want to cause animals any harm?

Do you want to tear into a BBQ Pork Sandwich, but you don’t want knives tearing into pigs?

Are you craving some cheesy gooey-ness but you care about cows?

Well…Vegan dreams DO come true!


Highline is a vegan bar/restaurant located in Seattle at 210 Broadway Avenue East.  It’s a bit dark and dingy in there, and there’s nothing fancy about the place.  This is a bar, after all.  The menu is yummy.  On a warm, sunny day, it’s nice to sip and eat from the balcony while people-watching.  Funny…I always feel like I need more tattoos when I’m in this neighborhood!  Here are some things we’ve ordered…

PULLED BBQ HERO – Soy-chicken, sauteed peppers & onions smothered in house made bbq sauce topped w/ coleslaw.

REUBENDER – House-made vegan pastrami w/ russian dressing, smokey provolone cheez sauce & sauerkraut on grilled rye.

FISH & CHIPS – Crispy soy-fish strips (with nori) & french fries w/ tartar & lemon.  (You really must try them to believe how good they are!)


PELE WRAP – Maple teriyaki tempeh w/ pineapple, spinach, cabbage, red onions, miso-sriracha aioli.

THE MELTDOWN – Vegan tuna w/ mozzarella style cheez on grilled bread.

CAPANOTA WRAP – Chunky eggplant capanota, avocado, spinach, sun-dried tomato cream cheez, and vegan cheez curds.