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March 13, 2018

This year the Columbia River flooded parts of the Apple Capital Loop Trail. Click here for a local news article about the record water flow. Here’s a neat video that I found…

This place is where we cruise on our scooters and skateboards, throw rocks in the river, and play at Walla Walla Point Park. On this gorgeous, clear day, Todd geared up, wearing Eric’s old Vuarnet glasses…

Gearing up

This section of shoreline was recently restored, but here it is under water.

Eric on skateboard, Todd on Globber – May 13, 2018

Todd bypassing the water via the grass

Water over the trail – May 13, 2018

Flooded trail – May 13, 2018

These pictures show the level of the swimming area.

Flooding at the swimming area – May 13, 2018

Swimming area at Walla Walla Point Park – May 13, 2018

This video shows where we normally throw rocks. Not this day!

Todd loves this swing at Walla Walla Point Park. He’s not too big for it yet!

All smiles on his favorite swing – May 13, 2018

Riding his Globber – May 13, 2018

So fab! – May 13, 2018

After the breaths of fresh air, we drove over to Pybus Market. First, Todd and I shared a super creamy, non-dairy gelato from Ice. The entire ‘front row’ of gelato at Ice is non-dairy. {{Big cheer!!}}

Eating non-dairy gelato at Ice – May 13, 2018

Next, we met Eric over at Wenatchee Valley Brewing Company (also located in Pybus). We ordered the Spring pizza special. Oh my goodness, I do love arugula!!

Pizza at Wenatchee Valley Brewing Company – May 13, 2018

…And that was a great Sunday morning!!

Todd & Elisa – May 4, 2018

May 4 – 6, 2018


This was a non-workday for me, so we took the opportunity to visit Eric’s parents for a 3-day weekend. On the way to the beach, we stopped in North Bend, WA to fuel up. At a Starbuck’s, Todd was chillin’…

Next, we stopped at Vic’s Pizzeria (Olympia, WA) for a scrumptious vegan pizza and vegan calzone. This time we tried the Capitol Blvd location, located in a lovely forested neighborhood. We had plenty of leftovers to enjoy for days…

Todd at Vic’s Pizzeria

Vic’s Pizzeria

Vic’s Pizzeria – May 4, 2018

Vegan calzone at Vic’s Pizzeria

We arrived in Ocean Shores, got settled in, then splashed in the waves…

Headed out

Waiting for a good one


Back for more!

We had a lot of stuff to dodge on the beach (which had a certain beauty)…

Careful steps

Nature’s beauty

Another good one

Snuggles with Granddad – May 4, 2018

Eric, Todd & Grammie – May 4, 2018


In the morning, we went to Damon Point beach. Todd agreed to wear sunglasses…what a breakthrough! [Actually we gave him no choice, but he didn’t fight it]. After beach time, we went shopping in town. Todd picked out a whoopee cushion.

Eric & Todd – 5/5/18

Wearing shades! – 5/5/18

In the afternoon, we rode our scooters. After that, we splashed in the ocean.

Riding our scooters – May 5, 2018

Darrel & Eric – May 5, 2018

When we came inside, Todd fell asleep on the couch. I tried to wake him up in the evening, but he was OUT. Eric said, “We might have miscalculated not giving him a nap” 😀 He was carried to bed and never woke up until the next morning.

6:05 PM

7:02 PM


8:02 PM


We were chased by the waves one last time before our journey home.

Elisa & Todd – May 6, 2018

Darren and Sandie stopped by, and some great photos were taken. Todd napped in the car during the drive.

Eric’s dad, son & brother! May 6, 2018

Eric & Todd – May 6, 2018

Goodbye, beach…until next time!

Todd’s foot print – May 4, 2018

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