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Almost 1 Year - August 19, 2015

Almost 1 Year – August 19, 2015


Happy Birthday, Todd!

Todd’s first year is over…I can’t believe it!  This is the last of the “Baby Todd” updates.  Next month I’ll start my “Todd the Toddler” series!

Starting this final month of the year, I decided to change the format for these monthly updates.  At this point it seems kind of crazy to count up the weeks, now that we’re up to weeks 48-52!!  Now– I’m just making different categories based on what goes on each month…


Todd & Ashley - August 10, 2015

Todd & Ashley – August 10, 2015


  • 1st bus ride (FHC Skyfair, 7/25)
  • 1st time in his new Diono Radian RXT Convertible Car Seat (7/28)
  • 1st time using toddler toothpaste (7/31)
  • 1st time that Eric put Todd to bed (8/8)
  • 1st time in pool float (8/10)
  • 1st and 2nd dunks underwater at the pool (8/10)
  • 1st time watersliding (8/11)
New car seat - July 28, 2015

New car seat – July 28, 2015


  • 1st word? “Jump” – Eric & I both said it and then Todd did (7/31)
  • says “nyam/nyom”
  • he said “cat” right after I did (8/4)
  • he said “dog” right after I did (8/5)
  • he says “ba” and “ga” a LOT.  It could be “ball” because we play with balls a lot.
  • he combines all of his sounds like he’s making sentences: ba, ga, na, nam, ma, da, gee, etc


  • we’re finishing formula can #68, which means he consumed about 5 cans this month (same as last month)
  • he enjoyed eating wild blackberries during stroller walks
  • he eats 3 meals per day
  • fruit is always a favorite!
  • I re-introduced romaine by breaking it into tiny bits (7/27)
  • he blows bubbles in his smoothie and other liquids while smiling (see video)
  • he curls his tongue to sideways
  • he tries to bite me and thinks it’s hilarious


  • he climbed:
    — partially up the side of the Pack ‘n Play
    — on his car then onto a speaker (7/30)
    — into the oven drawer (8/3)
    — on a 13″ tall bin under microwave (8/3)
    — onto the 15″ tall speaker (by itself) (8/4)
    — onto the couch (a lot) (8/16)
    — up & down from the armrest side of the couch safely (with a 5″ bin underneath)
  • he safely backs himself down off couch (he started 7/21 and was proficient by month’s end)
  • he backed down off the couch & papasan chair at the condo (8/13)
  • I arranged the couch/coffee table with pillows & bins for safety, so he can freely get up/down (8/17)
  • I moved the table because he kept wanting to climb on it (8/20)


  • he sits himself on his Little Tikes car and started to push it with his feet
  • he was able to turn his Little Tikes car from standing (8/19)
  • he loves playing on pillows, especially on my bed
  • he stepped down on bass drum pedal hard enough to make a sound, then jumped up and down
  • he loves to play drums and keyboard
  • he cracks up chasing us and being chased
  • he “dances” by bending his knees and he steps rapidly in place
  • he reaches up to put balls/toys in the hoop of Little Tikes basketball hoop
  • he loves being outside and gets upset when we come in
Todd at Beehive Reservoir - August 12, 2015

Todd at Beehive Reservoir – August 12, 2015


  • he stood up on his Little Tikes car and let go
  • he did a little bit of walking with both hands on thighs (8/2)
  • he stepped over my legs in control (8/4)
  • he did a forward somersault off the Aerobed (8/7)
  • he’s starting to run!
Todd climbed on a box - August 4, 2015

Todd climbed on a box – August 4, 2015


  • he does the “tantrum cry” when he doesn’t get what he wants
  • he does the “twist & drop” to avoid being picked up
  • he does the “full body arch back” to try to get away
July 26, 2015

July 26, 2015


  • he seems to look at me for approval
  • I whisper in his ear, “Do you know that I love you a lot? Do you know that?”
  • he fed his bottle to my mouth
  • he offered his “pillow blanket” to my mouth (Little Giraffe Bella™ Blanky)
  • he stood outside his crib waiting and “asking” for his pillow blanket (8/3)
  • he keeps his “pillow blanket” with him a lot
  • he can’t get enough of Eric when he gets home from work
July 26, 2015

July 26, 2015


  • he got interested in the prints on his shirts (while wearing them)
  • he pulled a photo album and an entire (empty) shelf off the bookcase (7/30)
  • since he always races toward our dishwasher when it’s open at home, Eric opened all the dishwashers at Home Depot when we went shopping to tease Todd…
Looking at all the open dishwashers at Home Depot - August 15, 2015

Looking at all the open dishwashers at Home Depot – August 15, 2015


  • the left side hair over his ear is longer than the right
  • a shopper at Haggen said “You have a picture perfect baby. That’s what a baby should look like!” (7/28)
  • he does this funny “shaky thing”
  • he put his hands together as if clapping (8/18)
  • he laughed when I jump-roped (8/19)


  • he loves his family!
  • his cousin Kylie came over (7/22, 8/19)
  • his Grammy & Granddad (Eric’s parents) came over (7/24)
  • his aunt Karin & cousins Ashley & Eli stayed with us for a week, and we went to Wenatchee for rollerblading, waterslides, swimming at the pool, hiking, miniature golf and more (8/7 – 8/14)
Ashley & Todd - August 7, 2015

Ashley & Todd – August 7, 2015


  • he woke up at night 5x
  • he fell asleep on the couch with Ashley (8/12)
  • he took 1 crib nap (8/19)
  • morning swing naps started a bit later in the morning and typically didn’t last longer than 2 hours
  • no other changes in sleep to report
Ready for bed - August 18, 2015

Ready for bed – August 18, 2015


  • he had 6 “poo misses” and the rest of his poops made it into the toilet
  • we bought a new toilet seat (8/15) for $40 at Home Depot that has a built-in child seat (but, for now, Todd still seems to need his Graco Contour Potty Ring because he stays put better with bottom in more of a “hole”)
  • one poop in the toilet consisted of 3 balls each connected by one of my hairs…Haha! (8/2)

(i.e. number of poops that didn’t make it into the toilet starting December 3, 2014, when we starting toileting Todd at 3.5 months old)

  • 7 in December
  • 6 in January
  • 1 in February
  • 1 in March
  • 1 in April
  • 5 in May
  • 7 in June
  • 12 in July
  • 4 in August (through Aug 20)

Total = 44

Todd in the oven drawer - August 3, 2015

Todd in the oven drawer – August 3, 2015

See you next month!

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