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Cutthroat Pass – Mountain Biking –  August 7, 2009 & August 14, 2010

This trail is a favorite on the bike.  The first 1.7 miles climbs a mellow 400 ft as it follows Cutthroat Creek to Cutthroat Lake.  (Take a peek at Cutthroat Lake by taking the 0.2 mile spur trail.)  From the lake, the trail climbs another 1900 ft in 3.8 miles to Cutthroat Pass (6800 ft).  Prepare for gorgeous mountain views!

The trail is really nice for biking:  the grade is never too steep and the singletrack is basically smooth and firm, with variable sections of sandy, or loose rocky Eastern Washington tread.

To get here, take Road 400 from Highway 20 (North Cascades Highway), about 3 miles east of Washington Pass.  Trail 483 starts at 4500 ft.

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Vesper Peak, WA – Backcountry Ski

This was a trip to remember…Lucky Sevens!  7/07/07.  Vesper Peak is accessed from the Mountain Loop Highway, just before Barlow Pass.  Take the Sunrise Mine road (#4065) and Sunrise Mine trail (#707).
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Some videos of the descent.  Despite the sun cups and rain runnels, the corn (snow) was nicely cooked!

I love the following video!  I didn’t know that I was being filmed, but this was a euphoric moment.  I had to take a minute to savor it, because the descent from Headlee Pass was steep, narrow, and not a place where I wanted to fall!

Here is a video of the main creek crossing:

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