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Almost 13 months old - September 14, 2015

Almost 13 months old – September 14, 2015

AUGUST 21 – SEPTEMBER 21 (2015)


  • 1st birthday! (8/21)
  • 1st time clapping hands together (8/26)
  • 1st time saying “car” (8/26)
  • 1st time stepping up a curb (legs only) (8/30)
  • 1st time stepping down a curb (legs only) (9/2)
  • 1st “play date” (9/8)
  • 1st birthday party (9/13)
  • 1st & 2nd full days with Eric while I worked (9/19 & 9/20)

1st birthday party - September 13, 2015

1st birthday party – September 13, 2015


  • car (sounds like “gah”)
  • he says car for real cars, toy cars, cars in books and on TV
  • ball (sounds like “bah”)
  • he says ball for real balls, balls in books and on TV
1st full day with dada - September 19, 2015

1st full day with dada – September 19, 2015


  • new sounds:  “um bucka bucka”/”a buckum buckum”
  • he makes a “nam” sound when it’s time to eat
  • he directly addressed one of the kids (“Emil”) we’d just met at the park by name (8/30)
  • he might have said his name (9/5)
  • he might have said “I love you” (he said to both Eric & I separately)
  • he knows what “pillow blanket” means and will look for it (same goes for balls)


  • “clap your hands” (no gestural cues) (9/1)
  • “stomp your feet” (9/2)
  • “high five” (9/3)
  • “brush my hair” (9/7)
  • “take your bib off” (he also does on his own) (9/10)
  • “skinny cat” (which means raise arms to help having shirt removed)
  • “throw it” (either a ball or something “yucky” that he picks up outside)
  • “down dog” (9/15)
  • “where’s your ball/pillow blanket?” (he’ll go looking)


  • he walked backward repeatedly with his Little Tikes car (8/25)
  • he stepped over the couch armrest (from the coffee table) using just his legs (8/31)
  • he steps up & down curbs (with & without help)
  • sitting on his Little Tikes car, he “drove” it forward with feet by leaning way forward (9/10)
  • he climbed into a kitchen cupboard (9/16)
  • possible right hand dominance (i.e. when eating)
  • he started doing “down dog” yoga pose before I realized that’s what he was doing (he sees me doing it regularly)
  • he doesn’t just walk, he runs!
  • he trips less frequently
  • he rarely hits his head when falling backward because his abdominal strength is so good
Climbing into a cupboard - September 16, 2015

Climbing into a cupboard – September 16, 2015


  • “dancing”
  • making us laugh doing his funny “shaky thing”
  • throwing/bouncing balls
  • making “baskets” in the basketball hoop & Pack ‘n Play
  • driving his little cars across the floor (or walls)
  • turning pages of books
  • he laughs hysterically while chasing & being chased, then falls into pillows
  • I cut 1 panel out of a Pack ‘n Play to make him a “fort”
  • putting blocks in container & trying to close lid (9/8)
  • play date with Piper (9/8)
  • watching Sesame Street, Mister Rogers
  • he gets very interested in music documentaries (stops to listen and/or dance)
  • 1st birthday party (9/13)


  • outdoor “roaming” the yard
  • running down the sidewalk (9/9)
  • visiting & petting the neighbor’s dogs
  • 1st mud puddle (9/17)
  • rides in the stroller (walking, rollerblading)
  • hot tub “swim”
  • sitting on the skateboard for rides with Eric

Petting the neighbor's dogs - September 9, 2015

Petting the neighbor’s dogs – September 9, 2015


  • playing at Imagine Children’s Museum for his birthday (8/21)
  • looking at the animals at Petco (9/2)
  • hiking (with Ergo carrier) at the Pilchuck Tree Farm (9/5)
  • dining at The Shire Cafe (9/5)
  • “Touch A Truck” (9/12)
  • we started Kindermusik (9/15)
  • he loves shopping cart rides at stores
Touch A Truck - September 12, 2015

Touch A Truck – September 12, 2015


  • he had a runny nose and sneezing that lasted ~2 days (8/24-25)
  • 12 month pediatrician visit (8/25)
  • Weight = 19 lbs at 12 months
  • he got his MMR & Hep A vaccines, but I declined the chickenpox vaccine (9/2)
New clothes from Todd's Great Aunt - August 22, 2015

New clothes from Todd’s Great Aunt – August 22, 2015


  • he kept handing his spoon back to me after taking bites (instead of resisting letting go like usual) (8/23)
  • he started gnawing on crib rails (so I covered them!)
  • he has a strong tendency for “chewing” (i.e. he’s destructive to board books)
  • we try to brush his teeth daily but it can be almost impossible!
BBQ tempeh - August 30, 2015

BBQ tempeh – August 30, 2015


  • he put his pillow blanket in the kitchen drawer, then closed the drawer (and repeated it) (9/1)
  • he sometimes claps for himself (9/4)
  • he tried to put the dish towel back on fridge, and tried to pull open fridge door (9/14)
  • he tries to put rose petals back, after he pulls them off

Hiking at the Pilchuck Tree Farm - September 5, 2015

Hiking at the Pilchuck Tree Farm – September 5, 2015


  • he protests when he can’t have something
  • increasingly distracted sitting in my glider chair in the morning and before naps
  • he resists being picked up by raising arms and arching head and body waaaay back
He carried that step stool up there all by himself - September 17, 2015

He carried that step stool up there all by himself – September 17, 2015


  • initially his organic soy formula was mixed with a little hemp milk (3:1 ratio)
  • homemade cashew rice milk was added in (9/2)
  • I started making cashew oat milk instead of cashew rice milk
  • at month’s end he gets a blend of (equal parts):  formula, hemp milk, cashew oat milk and soy milk
  • at month’s end we’re half way through formula can #71
  • he had ~2.5 cans of formula this month which is half as much as last month
Green Sprouts sippy & "pillow blanket" & Seahawks fuzzy slippers - September 14, 2015

Green Sprouts sippy & “pillow blanket” & Seahawks fuzzy slippers – September 14, 2015


  • best sleep month to date!
  • he woke up at night only twice (one was a “rough” night because he stayed awake/restless from 1:30 – 3:30 AM)
  • 1x he woke up at 4:30 AM so I had him sleep in my bed with me for another hour before we got up
  • fell asleep on floor 45 min before bed (9/9)
  • shortest nap:  30 minutes
  • longest nap:  2.75 hours
  • average nap:  1.75 hours
  • wears size 18 month sleepers
Asleep on the floor - September 9, 2015

Asleep on the floor – September 9, 2015


  • more solid food = more poop!
  • he poops about twice per day
  • 33 poops were done on the toilet
  • 32 poops were “misses”
  • while sitting on the toilet, he reaches as far down into the toilet as he can
  • increasingly resists staying on the toilet seat (twists to get off)
Outside roaming - September 8, 2015

Outside roaming – September 8, 2015

All for now!

 36 weeks old - April 30, 2015

36 weeks old – April 30, 2015

(APRIL 21 – MAY 21)


Oh, boy a “worst sleep” night kicked off Todd’s 9th month!  On April 21st he woke up crying at 10:30 PM.  He wasn’t hungry but it took until 12:45 AM before he fell back asleep.  Nothing was working until I turned on his Sea Dreams Crib Soother.  On the following night, he had another restless period, requiring 1.5 hours to get back to sleep.  Fortunately, Todd only wakes up once when he has one of his “bad” nights.

Developmental and other highlights:

  • he can lower himself off the couch if we turn him feet first
  • he can walk pushing his Little Tikes car without assist over carpet and smooth floors (the car doesn’t get going too fast)
  • I removed the folded towels that were padding Todd’s crib (4/21)

Food notes and new (vegan) foods this week :

Todd isn’t satisfied if I only offer a pureed food. He wants to have finger foods, and he’ll look around for something “better” than what I’m offering via spoon. When he’s done, he spits dramatically, which is pretty funny.

  • bites of quinoa mixed with jarred organic carrot puree
  • strip of bread
  • quartered banana slice
April 24, 2015

April 24, 2015


I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but every week we go on stroller walks in the neighborhood, and this includes a walk to the library about once a week.  We do our walks (or shopping) in the afternoon, a little while after Todd wakes up from his long morning nap.  It’s really nice to be walking distance from our library.  Every day, I read library books to Todd.

Developmental highlights:

  • controlled crawl off a 5″ tall storage bin
  • he repeatedly lifts a leg up while standing (attempting to step/climb up)
  • he does deep knee bends…down, up, down, up
  • 1st brief thumb sucking (in the past he’s always sucked on his fingers but not thumb)
  • shows frustration (i.e. when he walks with his car and it meets an obstacle and stops…but he wants it to keep going)
  • he climbed onto a 9″ tall Rubbermaid storage container
He loves to look out the window - April 24, 2015

He loves to look out the window – April 24, 2015

Other highlights:

  • he likes to walk his Push & Ride Racer car
  • he likes getting rides on his car
  • likes to be “chased” crawling in the house– crawls away quickly, then stops and looks back, laughs excitedly
  • if Eric doesn’t wear a shirt Todd wants to scratch at his nipple
  • 1st time at a play group (Kaleidoscope Play & Learn, Jennings Park (4/29))
1st play group - Kaleidoscope Play & Learn - April 29, 2015

1st play group – Kaleidoscope Play & Learn – April 29, 2015

Food notes and new (vegan) foods this week:

It seems like Todd really started swallowing a lot more food this week, and he lets me feed him small bits with my fingers after he does what he can with his limited fine motor skills.  He was able to slurp/suck down strands of angel hair pasta this week (instead of just playing).

  • green pepper
  • Fig Banana Corny Oatcakes
  • ripe mango slice
  • roasted cauliflower
  • split pea soup
  • spaghetti with angel hair pasta
  • drinking a little water from a pinch cup
Slurping angel hair pasta - April 27, 2015

Slurping angel hair pasta – April 27, 2015


This was an action-packed week!  On May 1st, Todd had his allergic reaction to his lunch.  Over the weekend, we partied and we did some rollerblading.  Todd got to visit with his Grammie on May 5th.  We saw the allergy doctor on May 6th, resulting in Todd getting diagnosed with a peanut allergy.  The week wrapped up with Todd’s first day in underwear.

I used a $10 off coupon at Kohls and scored this toy for less than three bucks! - May 1, 2015

I used a $10 off coupon at Kohls and scored this toy for less than three bucks! – May 1, 2015

This week, Todd’s sleep was more “normal” for him, i.e. sleeping a solid ~9-11 hour night for 5 days per week and waking up once about 2 days per week (and he didn’t take very long to get back to sleep).

He loves ripe mango! - May 4, 2015

He loves ripe mango! – May 4, 2015

Developmental highlights:

  • he stuck his tongue out and touched tip to upper lip a lot (5/30)
  • chatting to himself at 3:30 AM two mornings in a row (then fell back to sleep)
  • he possibly did the hand sign for “formula milk” (make a fist and squeeze)
  • he likes to slap my hands while sitting on the toilet
  • he vibrates his 2 fists or a toy against his mouth to make a noise that sounds like “lada lada lada”
  • he sucks on his thumb and rubs thumb against upper gums
  • he seems a little more attentive when I read books to him (less focus on putting the book in his mouth)
  • he started waving his left wrist (not sure if he’s just exploring hand movements, trying to wave, or doing the “all done” sign)
  • he can crawl up and down on/off a 5″ tall storage bin repeatedly, without close supervision
  • he can step up onto the storage bin while holding the windowsill
Looking outside my bedroom window - May 5, 2015

Looking outside my bedroom window – May 5, 2015

Other highlights:

  • new sound:  “na na”
  • we lowered his crib to the lowest setting (5/3)
  • food reaction during lunch, multiple hives on both arms, chest/neck (5/1)
  • house visit from Grammie and Todd gave her a kiss (5/5)
  • allergy doctor appointment and diagnosis of peanut allergy (5/6)
  • weight at 8.5 months (with clothes/diaper on) = 17 lb, 8 oz = just under the 23rd percentile
  • first full day starting to wear underwear, in addition to diapers (5/7)
  • I made up hand signs for “smoothie” and “pancake” because he eats those foods every day
Party smiles at Dan's house - May 2, 2015

Party smiles at Dan’s house – May 2, 2015

Weekend Activities:

  • Party at Dan’s house in Monroe (5/2)
  • Rollerblade with stroller on the Centennial Trail (5/3)
Swinging at the party - May 2, 2015

Swinging at the party – May 2, 2015


What do you call your baby?  We all have cute names, right?  I haven’t mentioned this before, so I’ll mention it here.  I like to greet Todd first thing in the morning with “Sunshine Boy” and I usually call him “Little One” and “Little Sweetheart” all day long (or a variation, “Sweet Little Heart”).  Eric likes to greet Todd in the morning with “Señor,” and he calls him his “Little Buddy.”  There’s also “Mr. Todd” and “Toad.”

Do you remember so long ago, when he made cute frog noises?  “Ribbit” was his earliest nickname that Eric used while Todd was still in the NICU.  I used to call him “Little Mister,” but now I tend to call him “Little Sir” or “Little Son.”  On the internet, his “hashtag nicknames” are #minivegan, and #tatertodd.

Elisa & Todd - May 11, 2015

Elisa & Todd – May 11, 2015

Developmental highlights:

  • very interested in small particles on the floor, tries to put them in his mouth
  • he’s initiating more unsupported standing again (in addition to “cruising” with support all the time)
  • able to stand unsupported for 30 fast counts
  • can walk with a one-hand hold a little bit, and a two-hand hold a lot
  • tries to climb up on anything he possibly can, to reach things he wants
  • he climbs over our legs/waist all the time when we’re on the floor
  • he imitated me doing the “all done” sign and before that he did it himself (I don’t know if he knows what it means yet, though)
Lock Up Your Daughters - May 11, 2015

Lock Up Your Daughters – May 11, 2015

Other highlights:

  • he likes to “take a break” from playing and prop himself up with his back leaning on the couch (or even a wall)
  • he loves when Eric throws him (face down or face up) into pillows on my bed
  • he still loves lurching from pillow to pillow on my bed, then he quickly spins onto his back
  • he likes to throw his toys out the window
  • he loves various kitchen noises (i.e. blender, salad spinner, coffee grinder, etc).  He races over (crawling) to see what’s going on, and stands up at the cabinets to try to get a better look
  • he likes to stand and shake the bottom rack of the dishwasher
No teeth yet - May 11, 2015

No teeth yet – May 11, 2015


  • Rollerblading on the Centennial Trail (5/9 & 5/10)
  • Out to eat at The Shire Cafe (5/9)
  • Kaleidoscope Play & Learn group at Jennings Park (5/13)

At the play group this week, Todd was much more interested in the story reading and songs than he was 2 weeks ago.  He was also more interested in little bits of things on the floor.  He likes going over to other kids, and he smiles at everyone.  I don’t see any stranger anxiety yet!  One little girl that was there 2 weeks ago (who doesn’t like him touching her jeans) commented several times, “He grew up.”  I thought it was pretty observant, because he did seem different to me, too.

Rollerblading on the Centennial Trail - May 9, 2015

Rollerblading on the Centennial Trail – May 9, 2015

Food notes and new (vegan) foods this week:

He likes to dip one fingertip in his pureed food to taste it, and then takes several more “bites” that way.  He loves eating black olive slices by sticking his finger in the hole to pick each piece up.  Other small bits of food he can pick up by working them onto his index finger.

  • little bit of Field Roast sausage
  • homemade black bean burger with ground cashews and quinoa flour
  • raspberries (I fed him little bits at a time)
  • vegan taco soup and pita bread at The Shire Cafe
  • winter squash jarred organic baby food
  • black olives (now he’s eating them)
Black olive technique - May 12, 2015

Black olive technique – May 12, 2015


This was an exciting week for a few reasons.

First, we got ourselves set up for bike riding with Todd!   On May 16th, we got a hitch installed on our Subaru Outback that we bought last Fall.  On the way home from the hitch installation, we had lunch in Renton, at Blossom Vegetarian (our 2nd time there).  Todd liked being fed garbanzo beans from Eric’s chopsticks.

Dining at Blossom Vegetarian - May 16, 2015

Dining at Blossom Vegetarian – May 16, 2015

The next day, we went to Costco to pick up an Everyday Traveler Bike Trailer.  Such a great deal for only $199!  We expect our bike rack for the car to be delivered on May 22nd.  Eric ordered the 1 up USA Double Bicycle Quik Rack.

Of course, we wasted no time taking Todd’s new wheels for a ride in the neighborhood.  It was also my first time back on my bike since before I was pregnant.  Ah…it was about time!   I’m looking forward to many more rides to come!

Todd's 1st bike ride - May 17, 2015

Todd’s 1st bike ride – May 17, 2015

Developmental and other highlights:

  • 1st steps!  He took 4 steps, stepping toward Eric (several times) (5/18)
  • he climbed into the 9″ tall Rubbermaid storage bin (5/19)
  • he took 4, 6, and then 11 linked steps (5/19)
  • he climbed both feet up the wall simultaneously while holding onto the windowsill (5/20)

Other highlights:

  • he got excited looking at himself in his little mirror and kissed himself several times (5/16)
  • 1st & 2nd bike rides with the new trailer (5/17, 5/18)
  • he loves to stand and bang on the washing machine
He climbed in the bin - May 19, 2015

He climbed in the bin – May 19, 2015

Food notes and new (vegan) foods this week:

On May 21st, I noticed that Todd did a pincer grasp to pick up a garbanzo bean.  That was the first time I noticed him doing that.

  • roasted curried garbanzo beans
  • orange slice
  • peach mango fruit pouch (Earth’s Best Organic)
  • red lentil dal
  • raisin
  • Tofurky sausage (little bits)
  • pickled beet
May 19, 2015

May 19, 2015



Right now, Todd continues his “normal” sleep pattern of sleeping through the night ~5 days per week and waking up once ~2 days per week.  If he wakes up crying, it’s always within 3 hours of his bedtime (which is typically ~8:30 PM).  He gets back to sleep without difficulty.

These days, Todd is asleep when I put him in his crib at night.  He falls asleep in my arms after I give him his bottle, then I rock him in my glider chair for at least another 15 minutes before I put him in bed.  I cherish that “snuggle time” with him.

The one thing that’s different lately is that Todd is becoming more of an “early bird.”  Before, his typical wake up time was definitely after 6 AM and frequently closer to 7 AM.  Now, he’s waking up chatting and turning on his crib soother music before 6 AM more often than I’d like!  Of course, since Eric leaves for work around 6:30 AM, he’s always happy when Todd wakes up before he has to go.  That makes all of us happy!

Regarding naps– Todd is essentially taking one nap per day.  It starts about 3-4 hours after he wakes up in the morning.  He’s still using the swing and his naps still last 2-3 hours (and even longer).  He’ll take catnaps in the car or the stroller sometimes in the afternoons.  Occasionally I offer an afternoon swing nap, but usually not.

I think Todd gets enough sleep because when he’s asleep, he’s OUT.  That goes for daytime and nighttime.  It seems like he gets really good quality sleep.

Before bed - May 20, 2015

Before bed – May 20, 2015


Todd is wonderful eater!  I’m feeding him solids at least twice per day, and sometimes three.  Green smoothie and a pancake (of various flavors/ingredients) is breakfast.  Organic applesauce is a regular offering if I give him a lunch.  Dinner includes any smoothie that he didn’t eat at breakfast and then a wide assortment of whatever we’re having.

At the moment, Todd is finishing up his 52nd can of “formula milk.”

Red lentil dal - May 18, 2015

Red lentil dal – May 18, 2015


This month Todd had 3 poop “misses,” which means that at least some part of a poo-poo ended up in the diaper instead of the toilet.  On 2 out of those 3 times, it amounted to just a “nugget,” which was followed by a large poop in the toilet.

Ever since Todd’s first day in underwear (May 7th), we’ve been using his underwear daily.  I only put Todd in diapers for mealtime, naps/bedtime, and when we leave the house.  Sure– Todd goes through a lot of wet “trainers” each day, but we have a stash of 12 and haven’t run out yet.  I just round up all of our laundry every evening and run a load of whatever size it happens to be.  With Todd in underwear, I know exactly how often he goes.  It’s helpful information to have!

Todd pees in the toilet throughout the day.  The number of times depends on how often I take him.  He can pee a lot within the hour after drinking his formula (4-5+ times).  It’s not unreasonable for me to take him to the toilet every 15 minutes.  It might sound like a lot of work, but I do think it’s worth it!  There’s no doubt that Todd is gradually learning about his body and learning about toilet use by establishing this regular habit.

May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015

What else can I say except Todd is a real sweetheart!  He’s such a joy to be around.


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