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Todd at ~3 years, 5 months old – January 14, 2018

DEC 21, 2017 – JAN 20, 2018


  • “You know what I’m talking about?”
  • “I love you, mama..Mama is family, dada is family, Todd is family…us together…mama good, dada good boy, Todd special boy” (1/10)
  • “That/this is cool”
  • “Yeah, easy” (he says when I say something is not easy)
  • “Me cracking you up”
  • “Oh nice.”
  • “But it’s my job” (when we say not to do something)
  • “Don’t leave your shirt here” (on the couch)
  • “First cousins, not me pishin” (he likes to randomly say something that sounds like that, frequently)
  • “keep me safe!” (when Eric runs the blender)


  • Christmas 2017 was the focus of the last post!
  • we went to Bend, OR (12/20 to 12/27)
  • Activities: swimming, checking out the train display at the library, skiing at Mt. Bachelor, celebrating my dad’s birthday (Christmas eve), and Christmas
  • when we got home he was excited about waiting for his dinosaur egg to hatch (gift from Ashley)

Todd with Grandma & Grandpa – December 24, 2017

Master Falls! – December 25, 2017

December 25, 2017

December 26, 2017

Waiting for the dinosaur to hatch – December 30, 2018


Castle groomer – January 1, 2018

Castle groomer – January 1, 2018

Hampton Lodge – January 1, 2018


  • Books: The Very Noisy Night (he calls it “Scared in Night time”), Pinky Dinky Doo (he loves to match the shoes at the end), How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • TV/DVD: Room on the Broom, How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • Movie: The Fox and the Hound
  • YouTube: Lego Death Star review & speed build, Ryan’s Toy Review (while sick over New Year break)
  • super fun new toy: marble run (1/17)

New marble run – January 18, 2018


  • he counted 1-11 on his own
  • he asks “what letter?” certain words start with
  • he learned how to point the camera (phone) at me & take a picture
  • he said:
    • “Oh, I have to get a bigger stepper” (to reach for something on top of the freezer)
    • “Clean up, clean up!”


  • Eric takes Todd to the gymnastics open gym on Mondays
  • turning into Hulk…all the time!
  • fighting with lightsabers
  • he said:
    • “Put your phone away” (when I was taking his picture but we were having so much fun playing with the marble run) (normally he’d try to take my phone!)
    • “I want you ‘nect’ this together” (‘nect’= connect)
    • “Don’t sing” / “Don’t dance” or “I don’t want you sing” / “I don’t want you dance”
    • “But me not done with my tools yet. I doing my jobs. Me have one more job.” (wearing his worker gear)
    • “I doing straddle jump, dada. Like this!” (then he does a straddle jump)
    • “Me might fall…that is nice falling session” (playing on couch)
    • “You keep your hands to yourself, me swing my pillow blanket around, you knock me over, k?, m’kay!” (playing a game with Eric) (see video below >>)


  • he loves playing with Legos (i.e., Garmadon’s Volcano Lair, Master Falls, big motorcycle, small tow truck set, Star Wars Duel on Naboo)
  • he likes to watch Jangbricks (YouTube) reviewing Lego sets & “the lady building that set” (A.L.F)
  • he said:
    • “Dada, you not doing right” (while building Lego forklift)
    • “I want it really so bad” (Lego Star Wars Death Star set…costs $500)
    • “This is the windshield, protects me from the rain” (on a Lego tow truck)
    • “This guy not have alternate face” (a Lego head)

Lego play – January 10, 2018


  • this month Todd really started becoming an actor
  • he loves making different faces: happy, mad, sad, surprised, etc.

January 15, 2018

January 15, 2018

January 15, 2018

January 15, 2018

January 15, 2018

January 15, 2018


  • the three of us skied together 5 times (1/1, 1/13, 1/14, 1/15, 1/20)
  • he likes to turn into Hulk at the lodge & push me off my chair
  • after skiing he likes kicking the snow in our parking lot
  • see the next post for: “Mission Ridge Ski Videos (~3 years, 5 months)
  • he says:
    • “Mama, keep skiing” (when I stop to wait for Todd & Eric while skiing)

Chair 4

Chair 4

After skiing – January 20, 2018


  • he was sick (fever) & stayed home from preschool (1/4)
  • he was sick (fever) & fell asleep on the couch (1/10)
  • he said:
    • “You coughing? Cover your mouth!”

Sick – January 10, 2018

Sick – January 10, 2018


  • when eating banana, Todd likes to grab half of it after we peel it (and if he wants more, then he wants to start a whole new banana instead of eating the other half)


  • he still naps between ~1.5-2.5 hours, starting at about 2 p.m.
  • he comes out of his room on his own after naps (and sometimes first thing in the morning)


  • it’s a mix of waking up once in the night (he asks for Goppa) or sleeping through the night
  • we bought him 2 new pillow blankets for Christmas; he immediately accepted the new ones (of course, I’m keeping the old ones)
  • he laughed trying to get a sticker off the middle of his back (that I put there), one night before bed
  • he likes playing with Lego tow truck and motorcycle at bedtime; we read 5 books
  • he said:
    • “Me looking for a certain book”
    • “I got all me awesome toys” (picking out toys to sleep with)

Fighting with lightsabers – January 20, 2018


  • he still uses the toilet except he wears a diaper for naps & night time sleep
  • he said:
    • “You smell something coming right out my butt?” (after Eric said he smelled something while Todd was sitting on the toilet)
Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

DECEMBER 23 – 27, 2015

Note– I was going to include this stuff in my “Todd the Toddler’s 17th Month” post (soon to be completed), but that post started getting too long.  So here is a separate post just about Christmas 2015.  (I know, I know…it’s February now and Christmas is OVER!  Sorry!)

Over the river and through the woods - December 23, 2015

Over the river and through the woods – December 23, 2015

On December 23rd, we drove to Bend, OR for the Christmas holiday.  We got a later start than usual because we waited until after Todd woke up (at 7:15 AM) to get on the road.  I figured the days away from home would be pretty busy so I didn’t want to cheat him out of any sleep by waking him up.

Unfortunately it took much longer than usual to get there because we were stopped on the snowy highway just down from Mt Hood due to an accident closure.  Despite the long car ride, Todd did quite well because he had the opportunity to get out of his car seat and explore the car for a while.

It was dinner time by the time we rolled into Bend.  My sister picked us up some take-out from Spork (yum).

Stopped on the highway near Mt Hood - December 23, 2015

Stopped on the highway near Mt Hood – December 23, 2015

We stayed with my sister, brother-in-law, niece & nephew.  During the visit, we also spent time with my parents (“Grandma” & “Grandpa”), my aunt & uncle, and my brother-in-law’s parents (“Nana” & “Grampy”).

On Christmas eve, my mom & aunt babysat Todd while we did some x-country skiing with my sister’s family at Virginia Meissner Sno-park.  Todd napped for 2.5 hours in his Pack ‘n Play travel bed, which was awesome!

X-country skiing at Virginia Meissner Sno-park - December 24, 2015

X-country skiing at Virginia Meissner Sno-park – December 24, 2015

That evening, we celebrated my dad’s birthday (12/24) like we always do, by having drinks and a lasagna dinner.  After dinner, dad opened his presents and we all watched “The Muppet Family Christmas.”  This year the celebration was at Nana & Grampy’s house.

Me, my sister & parents - December 24, 2015

Me, my sister & parents – December 24, 2015

Todd stayed out of trouble in the new surroundings, and he had fun being bounced on a yoga ball and dragged along the carpet by his cousins.  He even found a “gar” to play with.

Having fun with Todd's cousins - December 24, 2015

Having fun with Todd’s cousins – December 24, 2015

Playing with a car on Christmas Eve 2015

Playing with a car on Christmas Eve 2015

Christmas morning was overwhelming for Todd, so he preferred playing a little further away from the action.  He liked hanging out on the stair landing, above the Christmas tree.

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015

The stuffed frog “Relaximal” from my mom was an immediate hit.  He loves pillows and big stuffed animals.  On Christmas Todd gave me lots of kisses, and he kissed his cousin Ashley and his Grandma, too!

Pillow frog from Grandma - Christmas 2015

Pillow frog from Grandma – Christmas 2015

Later in the day, Todd was dressed in his snow gear to try out his new snow sled in the yard (also from his Grandma).  I watched from inside, but he seemed to do okay!

Eric & Todd - Christmas 2015

Eric & Todd – Christmas 2015

Todd napped for 2.5 hours after having such a stimulating morning.  Christmas dinner was at my parents’ house, with my aunt and uncle.  We always get a kick out of this singing doggy…

The day after Christmas included a short walk in the snow near my sister’s house.  In general, Todd hasn’t spent much time in baby carriers, but when he does get a ride in the Ergo carrier, he seems to enjoy it.

Elisa & Todd - December 26, 2015

Elisa & Todd – December 26, 2015

In the evening of December 26th, we all gathered again for our “traditional” Christmas dinner, vegan of course!  We always have Field Roast’s Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute.  That meal was at my sister’s house.

Cousins - December 26, 2015

Cousins – December 26, 2015

We listened to festive music and Todd showed off his dance moves to Chuck Berry’s “Run, Rudolph, Run.”

Todd took an interest in Kaiser the cat during this trip.  One time Todd got a little too close for Kaiser’s comfort which resulted in Todd receiving a small scratch.  For the most part, though, Todd followed our instructions to be “soft and gentle.”

Eric, Todd & Kaiser cat - December 26, 2015

Eric, Todd & Kaiser cat – December 26, 2015

By the end of our trip, Todd got somewhat confident walking down the stairs unsupported.  Before that, he first learned how to safely descend them by crawling backward and by walking down with support from one railing or a helping hand.

On one set of just 2 steps (into the play room), Todd accidentally did a somersault down one step.  I caught him as he rolled out of it.  At first he looked surprised and little scared, but wouldn’t you know…he soon tried to repeat it on purpose!

On December 27th, we drove back home.  We made 2 food stops (Baja Fresh & Starbucks).  Todd pooped 3 times…haha!  Pooping while riding in the car is definitely out of the ordinary for him.

Headed back home - December 27, 2015

Headed back home –
December 27, 2015

When I opened the mail at home, I felt so happy to read this lovely card from one very special lady.  I hadn’t heard from her in a while, and it was like getting a big hug!  I love her.

Christmas card from Lillian

Christmas card from Lillian

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