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Mackenzie Dierks, from Pork Checkoff:

“One of the things you touched on was a lactose source, such as whey, and its importance, and also the challenges it can create as a part of the nursery pig diet. Can you expand on that?”

Joel DeRouchery, from Kansas State University:

“Lactose is a very common nutrient that we look at to formulate into starter pig diets. Lactose is the milk sugar, so pigs really like the taste. It’s highly digestible in that transition period from the sow on into weaning. So it’s very typical we have some sort of lactose source from weaning, up until the pigs are about 25 pounds.”

“One thing that’s happened over this last portion of this year is that the lactose price has greatly increased. In fact, spray-dried whey is priced around 75 cents per pound. And if we go back historical, 4 years ago, it was 24 cents per pound.”

Reference:  7/23/12 PorkPod podcast “Availability and Cost of Feed Ingredients” (6:27)



It seems that everyone’s getting dairy products except infant cows.

And, it seems that baby animals of various kinds are denied their own milk from their mothers.

Let’s back up a second and review Biology 101…

Cow + Pregnancy = Baby Cow
Cow Lactation = Food for Baby Cow

Pig + Pregnancy = Baby Pig
Pig Lactation = Food for Baby Pig

Human + Pregnancy = Baby Human
Human Lactation = Food for Baby Human

That’s what nature intended.

Now, a step-by-step sequence describing how humans have screwed with nature:

  1. Humans want Cow Lactation.
  2. Humans take the Food for Baby Cow from Baby Cow.
  3. Humans feed Baby Cow a “milk replacer.”
  4. Humans calculate the economic usefulness of Baby Cow in order to determine his or her ultimate fate.


  1. Humans want to consume lots of Pig flesh.
  2. Lots of Pig flesh requires lots of dead Pigs.
  3. Humans breed lots of Pigs in order to kill lots of Pigs in order to consume lots of Pigs.
  4. Humans remove baby Pig from mother Pig as early as possible.
  5. Humans feed baby Pig “milk replacer” from a Cow.

  1. Humans like to breed, kill and consume one type of animal in order to breed, kill and consume another type of animal.
  2. Humans like to take what is not rightly theirs to take.
  3. Humans have zero requirement for (non-human) animal Lactation.
  4. Humans learn speciesist behaviors based on societal indoctrination.
  5. Humans are capable of challenging social norms.

It’s time to stop disrespecting nature.

Live vegan and let’s stop the insanity!

My commute to work shares the path of “chicken trucks” en route to the Draper Valley Farms slaughterhouse.  (The sanitized name is “Processing Plant.”)  Depending on the time I go into work, I may see a truck carrying live birds to their deaths about once a week.  Occasionally, I see live birds in the morning, and then a truck carrying dead birds in the evening…

12/13/11…Today at 8:30 AM I saw the ‘chicken truck’ driving north carrying live birds to this “processing plant.”  At 6:00 PM tonight, I saw a “Draper Valley Farms” truck driving south carrying the refrigerated body parts of those same birds.  What I want to know is this…

At what time did those beings experience the first pains of “processing?”  At what time were the frightened birds grabbed– by the fistful– by men unloading their metal cages?  When were they hung upside down on hooks?  When did the first one experience broken bones?  At what time did they realize they would die?  At what time did they hit the electrified bath?  When did the first bird miss the automatic throat-slitting machine & go to the scalder alive?  At what time did the ‘backup slaughterer’ start his shift?  When were the birds’ heads pulled off?  Feet & feathers removed?  Eviscerated?  When did the feces start to spray all over?  When did the carcasses commune in the refrigerated water?  When were these birds chopped up and packaged in cellophane?

AND…At what time will the delivery truck driver unload the neat little blood-free packages at the back door of the grocery store?  At what time will the stocker arrange the stacks of flesh?  When will the first customer come to pick through the piles of breasts, thighs or legs?  At what time will the grocery patron complain that chicken is just getting too “expensive?”

AND…When will that same grocery patron make the connection that IN these packages were birds who were exploited, abused, hurt and killed for NO good reason.  WHEN??  When will he go vegan?  When will she go vegan?  God, I hope it’s soon.

Chickens killed unnecessarily on 12/26/11…

Chickens killed unnecessarily on 12/27/11…

 Chickens killed unnecessarily on January 4, 2012…


For more about these birds, please read Chicken Dinners

"There are those who are appalled because I am so vocal about injustice, yet I am equally appalled by their silence." Lujene Clark

“Every time you purchase animal products you pay assassins to murder sentient beings for you.”

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