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Swim Videos (Age 3, Month 10)

Todd is Three (Month 10)

Swim Videos
Todd at 3 years, 9 months old
May 29, 2018

This evening, Todd did a great job trying to swim with his arms reciprocally, rather than doing the dog paddle. [The day before, I’d shown him how to do the freestyle stroke.] This was also the first time kicking with kick board a full length of the pool. Our pool opened this year on May 23rd.

#1 – Todd swims from me to the steps with ‘big arms’ & then back out to me.

#2 – Todd swims out to me with ‘big arms’ & kicks with kick board back to the steps.

#3 – Todd starts off on kick board, falls off, rights himself & swims with a few ‘big arms’ to me. Then he swims to the steps with ‘big arms’ & says hi to Grandma.

#4 – Todd swims out to me & back to the steps with ‘big arms’ & says hi to Grandma.

#5 – Todd swims toward kick board first, changes course to me, then back to steps (appears more tired but still trying to do ‘big arms’).

#6 – Todd does a big jump into the pool, floats/treads water & makes his way to me, then back to the steps.

#7 – Todd kicks with kick board, says hi to a dog (on the other side of the fence), falls off the board, appears to flip upside down under the water (feet kicking at surface), then rights himself to get over to me.

#8 – Todd kicks with kick board a full length of the pool, goes to the steps, climbs out, jumps in the shallow end, and treads water/floats casually before reaching out to me.

#9 – Todd swims with ‘big arms’ to the steps, says hi to Grammie & says “I’m in the pool.”

#10 – Todd tries to push off the wall. He ends up on his back, head down & arched back (under water). Then he rights himself. [Before this video was taken, he’d done one really good push off facing forward.]


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