The 2013 Vida Vegan Conference is here!

If you don’t know, this is a vegan bloggers conference.  It’s my first year attending, and it’s happening in Portland, Oregon for 3 days.

Bicycle Capital - IMG_2380

It’s incredibly exciting to be around so many like-minded people who are trying to change the world for animals.  This experience is all about vegan community, vegan food, animal rights advocacy, vegan products, vegan blogging, food activism, and…vegan swag!

(For people who eat such dismal diets of deprivation, vegans sure get excited about their food!)

This post is all about the swag.  I had to photograph my loot ’cause I like to take pictures of stuff.  I’m weird that way!

First, I received a little swag bag when I checked into Hotel Fifty.  The Susan Nichole makeup/toiletry bag is gorgeous!

Hotel Fifty - IMG_2366

Here’s another view of the Susan Nichole bag with the other bags I received.

'13 VVC Swag - IMG_2414

Here’s what the bags contained…


'13 VVC Swag - IMG_2425


Better Bean Co, Coconut Bliss, Dandies, Bob’s Red Mill, Earth Balance, Tofurky, Eat Pastry

'13 VVC Swag - IMG_2424


Anti-Bad-Mood Sprays, Eco-Dent, Beauty Without Cruelty, Booda Butter, Hurraw!

'13 VVC Swag - IMG_2416


Good Clean Love, Glyde

'13 VVC Swag - IMG_2415


So Delicious, Earth Balance, Veg Fund, The Great Vegan Bean Book, Upton’s Naturals, Nasoya, Eat Pastry

'13 VVC Swag - IMG_2426


Bob’s Red Mill, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods, Erewhon, Straw Propeller Gourmet Foods

'13 VVC Swag - IMG_2417

Food Should Taste Good, Beanfields, Pacific Northwest Kale Chips, Earth Balance

'13 VVC Swag - IMG_2418


Wayfare, Teese, Nacheez

'13 VVC Swag - IMG_2419


Peanut Butter & Co, Powbab, Wholesome Sweeteners

'13 VVC Swag - IMG_2421

Veggie Grill, Fabe’s, Go Max Go, Lara Bar, Allison’s Gourmet

'13 VVC Swag - IMG_2420

The Ginger People, Peeled, Oregon Kombucha, So Delicious

'13 VVC Swag - IMG_2422


Fake Meats, Mail Chimp, Nasoya, Vegan Dish, Earth Balance, Go Veggie

'13 VVC Swag - IMG_2423

Saturday, May 25th…There’s even more!  
I’m adding items received on day #2, including stuff from Vegan Cuts…

Mary’s Gone Crackers, Bob’s Red Mill, Bakon, Judas’, Carrot Crisps, Lush

'13 VVC Swag - IMG_2470

The Chia Co, Surf Sweets, Hail Merry, Ultima, Dandies, PureFit, Cuppow, Parmela

'13 VVC Swag - IMG_2471