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November 3-4, 2012
Portland Road Trip to see The Lost Boys Live!

We drove south on I-5 from Seattle.  At Longview, WA, we headed into Oregon via the Columbia River Highway (#30).  It made the last hour of the trip less boring because we’d never taken that road before.

Lewis & Clark Bridge – Longview, WA

 We checked into the Hotel Monaco in Downtown Portland.  Thanks to my Visa card rewards program, the room was free 🙂

Our room was a King Suite.

I really loved the decor of the bathroom.

From 5-6 pm, the hotel offers complimentary wine and beer tasting.

After that, we walked a few blocks to eat dinner at the Veggie Grill.

MAX Light Rail – Portland, OR

The Pioneer Courthouse – Portland, OR

The Veggie Grill is all vegan.  There are multiple locations in California, Oregon and Washington.

508 SW Taylor ST

I ordered the All Hail Kale Salad because Mariann (from the Our Hen House podcast) keeps talking about how good it is.  (She’s right!)

Marinated kale and red cabbage, corn salsa, quinoa, agave-roasted walnuts, ginger-papaya vinaigrette, with blackened chickin’.

Eric ordered the All-American Stack.

Grilled veggie-steak, pickles, lettuce, tomato, crispy onion rings, thousand island dressing.

Finally, we were off to the main event of the weekend:

We saw the closing night show of The Lost Boys – Live at the Ethos/Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center.  My sister’s friend Michael played the part of David.

Oh, MY– I didn’t expect to laugh soooo hard!  My cheeks were sore before the middle of the show.  Hysterical!

The director played the pelvic thrusting, sweaty sax player on closing night. (Each performance of that role was a cameo.)

Sam and the Frog Brothers

David, Star, and the Vampires on their “motorcycles”

The bridge scene.

Sam’s infamous “Bathtub Scene” with a (blurry) puppet Nanook

End of the closing show. The girl in the brown sweater played Lucy (the mom) and Star. Here is a good picture of Michael (the character.)

Check out “Grandpa” in the front row!

Look, if everything that Bad Reputation Productions does is this good, then I’ll definitely be back for a future show!

Before we left Portland on Sunday morning, we stopped for some espresso at Public Domain Coffee.

Public Domain Coffee – Portland, OR

Soy Latte at Public Domain Coffee

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