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WARNING!  Vegan junk food alert!  Enter at your own risk…

Voodoo Doughnut Sign

Voodoo Doughnut Sign



I love to see "vegan" on menu boards!

Vegan Cock-N-Balls (??)

Voodoo Doughnut (22 SW 3rd Avenue) is a place I’ve been meaning to try for a while.  Please note that they take cash only.  The top shelf of the spinning donut display is vegan.

The top shelf of  the display is VEGAN!

The top shelf of the display is VEGAN!

Fortunately I had the 2 dollars to pay for my cream-filled chocolate donut.

Here's looking at you, kid.

Here’s looking at you, kid.

(Hee hee…Pink Panther movie reference!)

Since I can count on less than one hand the number of doughnuts I eat per year, you’d better believe that I enjoyed this not-so-little sugar bomb!

Cream-filled Chocolate Donut

Insert yummy sound here.  (Hee-hee…Young Frankenstein movie reference!)

You’d think the sugar would be enough.  Nope.  I walked down the street and picked up a soy latte at Stumptown Coffee Roasters (128 SW 3rd Avenue).

Stumptown Coffee Roasters - IMG_2382


Now that’s a power breakfast!

By the way…Is it doughnut or donut?

Big White Ski Resort

Big White Ski Resort

Have you ever been to a typical North American “ski-in, ski-out” village?  Vegan-friendly dining isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

If you look around the village at Big White (and elsewhere), it’s obvious that every restaurant serves up meat, meat, and more meat.  It’s exasperating and depressing.

“Vegetarian” doesn’t necessarily mean “veganizable.”  It’s typically code for cheese, cheese and more cheese.

Vegan skiers, don’t despair.  You can have a perfectly powder-licious ski experience and find some great vegan grub at the same time.  All it takes is a little sleuthing.

Here’s the on-mountain restaurant listing for Big White.

Our trip to Big White was short (3 days).  If we stayed longer, there are other places we would also try.  Next time!

Check out where we did eat (and drink!)…


Beano's Coffee Parlour - IMG_2124

Beano's Coffee Parlour - IMG_2123

Soy Latte

Soy Latte - IMG_2122

Glen Plake?


(Don’t forget to request “no fish sauce” when dining at Thai restaurants.
Expect the food to be spicy, so speak up if you want the heat turned down.)

Lotus Lounge - IMG_2080

Vegetable Thai Spring Rolls:
Mixed Vegetables in a vermicelli wrap, fried golden, served with sweet and sour plum and tamarind sauce.

Vegetable Thai Spring Rolls - IMG_2081

Thai Yellow Curry:
Thai yellow curry in coconut milk with potato, onion, carrots and pineapple
(add tofu)

Thai Yellow Curry with Tofu - IMG_2082

Black Bean Tofu:
Tofu with bean sprouts, garlic and fresh chilies in a black bean sauce

Black Bean Tofu - IMG_2088

Steamed Rice

Steamed Rice - IMG_2084


Dirty Pickle:
Muddled cucumber, lime, black pepper, gin and soda

Sante Bar Apres Ski

I (unintentionally) had a green drink theme going on for St Patrick’s Day weekend.

 The steamed edamame was green, too.  And it was addicting!

Naughty Panda & Steamed Edamame

Superstein Saturday

Eric with his Superstein



Underground Pizza - IMG_2116

Veggie Pizza, no cheese (substitute extra sauce and another topping for the cheese)

Underground Pizza - IMG_2117

For tips on eating vegan breakfast in your hotel room, see the previous post, “Ski Breakfast & Morning Powder.”

White Crystal Inn at Big White

White Crystal Inn at Big White

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