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Kebaba is a Middle Eastern restaurant in Bend, Oregon.  On Friday I ate there for the first time.  When I walked in the door, I was ecstatic to see that the lunch special was vegan 🙂 , but my excitement was tempered by seeing lamb– baby sheep– on the menu.  Of course, there were plenty of other animals on the menu, too.

No– baby sheep are no “better” than any other animal species, but yet I somehow still get a visceral reaction when I see “lamb” on restaurant menus.  Is it because I never ate lamb even before I went vegan?  Or, is it because I currently volunteer at a goat rescue that also cares for sheep?  At any rate, it does bring up a certain question…

A friend gave me this sticker.

Kebaba is located on Newport Avenue.

Kebaba sign

Eric at Kebaba

The vegan lunch special at Kebaba

I chose the spicy tomato eggplant soup with my curried tempeh salad.  The soup was outstanding.  The salad and pita bread were delicious.

Curried tempeh salad with spicy tomato eggplant soup

Curried tempeh salad with spicy tomato eggplant soup

I tried a bite of my sister’s curried lentil soup.  It was almost like a puree, which I liked very much.

The “Karnabeet” appetizer (seared cauliflower with lemon tahini sauce) was crazy good.  Not only could I live on cooked cauliflower anyway, but I do believe I could drink lemon tahini sauce straight.

Curried lentil soup and Karnabeet

Karnabeet (seared cauliflower with lemon tahini sauce)

This was a great vegan meal.  It’s just too bad that the whole restaurant couldn’t be vegan.  It could SO easily be!

The Shire Cafe in Arlington, WA

Yes…there IS a vegetarian restaurant in Arlington, WA.  Who knew?  (Me!)

I actually found out about The Shire Cafe when I started volunteering at  New Moon Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary four years ago (which is also located in Arlington).

On Fridays, I scoop the poop at the farm, and then I eat lunch at The Shire Cafe– with the owner of the goat rescue (my friend 🙂 ).  On weekends, after mountain biking, Eric and I like to drop in for a cold Mirror Pond and some dinner.

Located in the same building (the Mirkwood), is Mordor Tattoo.  Savannah did my “vegan” wrist tattoo.

Savannah’s work: my vegan tattoo

The Mirkwood has an ongoing live music schedule.  (Past our bedtimes!)


Back to the food!!

Just about everything on the menu can be made vegan.  There’s always a homemade vegan soup of the day.  Most entrees come with salad, soup or fries.  I highly recommend the soup, no matter what flavor is featured.  Here are some pictures to make your mouth water 🙂 …

Ruben Panini

Taco Salad

“Happy” Chicken Ranch Pizza

Gyro with soup

Calzone with salad


Sweet Potato Fries

Burrito with (extra green and red sauces)

Godzilla Sandwich with Tomato Basil Soup

Happy Chicken Caesar Salad

Veggie Burger and Fries

Taco Pizza

Grilled Veggie Wrap

Happy Chicken Burger and Soup

Pesto Pizza


I ordered a bowl of chili with some french fries.. Mmm.

Gyro with Salad

Grilled Happy Chicken Caesar Wrap

Are you hungry for some vegan food yet?

*April 2018 update: this is no longer a vegetarian restaurant. Vegan options are plentiful, but they do serve animal products.

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