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Todd at 1 week old - August 28, 2014

Todd at 1 week old – August 28, 2014

Well– I started writing the post called “Baby Todd’s Second Month,” but then I realized that I was spending an awful long time writing just about Todd’s toileting.  It made sense to dedicate a post to the topic.  So here is everything related to Todd’s elimination in his first 3 months.

Let’s start with the set-up.  I didn’t waste my money on a specific changing table with specific changing table pads and covers.  First of all, I don’t have the space for extra furniture.  Second of all, I wanted to use things that would be useful beyond Todd’s diaper days.  I purchased a set of 4 washable bed pads for about $25.

I used a desk in my bedroom as the night time changing area and my sewing machine cabinet in my living room as the day time changing area.

  • First layer:  non-slip shelf liner
  • Second layer:  folded up towel (for padding)
  • Third layer:  folded waterproof bed pad
  • Fourth layer:  cloth diapers
  • “Side wall” layer:  folded cloth diapers
Night time diaper station

Night time diaper station

Day time diaper station

Day time diaper station

I purchased cloth diaper supplies from Green Mountain Diapers while I was still pregnant. I bought 2 dozen newborn and 2 dozen small Cloth-eez Unbleached Organic Prefolds. I also bought a large Blueberry Diaper Pail Liner Laundry Bag, 2 smaller zippered Blueberry Wet Bags, 3 different kinds of cloth wipes (a dozen each), a pack of Snappi Fasteners, and a couple diaper pins.

Green Mountain Diapers order

Green Mountain Diapers order

Note: If you use new cloth prefolds, be sure to wash them multiple times in order to get them ready for use. I had mine ready to go before Todd was born. The Green Mountain Diapers website has lots of instructional content.

Cloth-eez Prefolds, Blueberry Diaper Bags & Baby Bjorn Potty

Cloth-eez Prefolds, Blueberry Diaper Bags & Baby Bjorn Potty

I didn’t have to purchase any diaper covers because I got them used or as gifts.  My initial stash included:  2 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps (size newborn), 2 Thirsties Duo Wraps (size one), 1 Bummis Super Whisper Wrap (size small), and 3 other similar covers (Green Earth, ProWrap).

Cloth Diaper Covers

Cloth Diaper Covers

I recently received another size one Thirsties and 2 g diapers.  My cloth prefolds fit well inside the g diaper liner.  I also have some size medium covers for when Todd gets bigger.

g diaper with newborn prefold inside

g diaper with newborn prefold inside

For Todd’s first 5 weeks, I used only disposable newborn diapers. I’d originally planned to start using cloth diapers right after his cord stump fell off. It fell off when he was 2.5 weeks old (9/9/14), but I waited a little longer because I was still too overwhelmed at the time to start something new.

On September 28th, I put him in cloth for the first time. Once I started cloth diapering, I found out that it’s really easy.

Todd started out in the size newborn cloth covers…his frog covers. Ribbit! I didn’t need to use a Snappi or diaper pin (and I still don’t today). I just fold the prefold, line the cover with it, and put it on Todd.  Voila!

1st time in a cloth diaper (Newborn Bummis Super Whisper) - September 28, 2014

1st time in a cloth diaper (Newborn Bummis Super Whisper) – September 28, 2014

The large laundry bag is actually a lot bigger than I need. I wash the prefolds and the diaper bag(s) every other day. I do a warm/warm rinse-only, no detergent cycle, followed by a hot/cold + extra rinse wash cycle. Since I have 3 laundry/wet bags I always have a bag to put dirty diapers in while I’m doing laundry. The smaller wet bags are a nice travel size for when you leave the house.

With rare exception, I use the same diaper cover all day. I just change out the prefolds. I’m glad that I didn’t purchase more covers, because I definitely have enough. At the end of the day, I put the cover in our regular dirty laundry basket. (warm/cold wash cycle + air dry).

Since we started cloth diapering, Todd’s bowel movement frequency has been about once per day. His soy formula poops are soft but well formed, appear greenish and they don’t really stick to the cloth because they have a slightly oily sheen. Clean up is easy! I conserve on baby wipes by wiping first with toilet paper, then I use 1 wipe to finish the job.

Soy formula poop in a newborn cotton prefold.

Soy formula poop in a newborn cotton prefold.

Since we’re on the topic of poop, I should mention that it’s always really obvious when Todd is going.  First, he gets a certain faraway look on his face.  Then, he emits a series of forceful groans and his face turns all red.  It’s hilarious!  (Sorry, baby…)

We haven’t had any problem with diaper rash. Only briefly in his first month did he have a mild problem, but that’s when he pooped several times a day. At the time, we used The Honest Company’s Diaper Rash Cream (from Target) and it cleared right up.

Todd in his Thirsties diaper at 10.5 weeks old - November 2, 2014

Todd in his Thirsties diaper at 10.5 weeks old – November 2, 2014

For night time, I do use disposable diapers.  Especially now that Todd is sleeping up to 8.5 hours in a stretch, I appreciate the super absorbancy of the disposables.  (Thank you, Costco!)

I haven’t tried using my cloth wipes yet. I still have lots of disposable wipes (Seventh Generation, $2.99 at Target) and they’re really lasting a long time since I only use ~1 per day. Once I run out, I plan to try out the cloth wipes.

(Note that one package of the cloth wipes I bought has really been handy for Todd’s feedings. I call them Todd’s “face wipers.” He doesn’t spit up much, but he can be messy at times, dribbling formula while he eats.)

The latest thing we’re delving into is Elimination Communication (EC).  So far, Todd has peed in his potty three times.  The first time, I thought he was starting to make his “poopy face,” so I quickly moved him onto his potty.  He didn’t poop, but he peed.  That was on November 6th (11 weeks old).  Since then, I’ve put him on his potty occasionally during diaper changes, but he hasn’t produced.  Usually he fights it and tries to stand up.  I don’t push it.  Eric’s had better luck.  Todd peed in his potty two days in a row this week (11/19 & 11/20).

1st pee in the potty - November 6, 2014

1st pee in the potty – November 6, 2014

Usually Todd prefers to take opportunities to pee on the changing table.  We have some Pee-pee Teepees for the sprinkling wee-wee, but to be honest, you need a third hand for them to be effective, and it’s kind of a moving target!  It’s a cute idea, but not very practical.  (Thank you, aunt Ginny- for the gift, though!)

Pee-pee Teepees

Pee-pee Teepees

Here’s Todd today, at 3 months old, showing off his muscular upper back and his g diaper.  A few days ago, he weighed 11 pounds, 12 ounces.

Tummy time in the g diaper - 3 months old - November 21, 2014

Tummy time in the g diaper – 3 months old – November 21, 2014

Todd's g diaper

Todd’s g diaper

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