Part 5: Thursday, April 5 – Friday, April 6


Ohhh…this was a pivotal day in Todd’s skiing career! We bought ‘beginner’ tickets at Alta, to ski off the Sunnyside lift only. This was Todd’s first time skiing off-reins on real, ‘big’ ski runs (instead of just Chickadee or the rope tow). We were among the first people in line.

Waiting for the lifts to open at Alta – April 5, 2018

Family selfie on Sunnyside chair – April 5, 2018

Our first run was down to the bottom of the chair, skier’s right of the lift.

Dada dispenses the jelly beans at Alta – April 5, 2018

Big mountain, No reins! – April 5, 2018

Elisa & Todd – April 5, 2018

Elisa & Todd – April 5, 2018

Our second run took us to Alf’s lodge. Notice how Todd waves to all the people on the chairlift…(He’s such a ‘people person’!)

At the lodge, we met the mountain manager, and he gave us an Alta anniversary pin. Todd played with his PJ Masks figures while eating his snack.

Alf’s Lodge at Alta – April 5, 2018

Anniversary pin from the mountain manager – April 5, 2018

Our third run took us all the way to the bottom (and Todd was done!). Eric took a run on his own while Todd and I shopped for a souvenir toy. When Eric came in, I went out for one more run.

Todd’s new friend at the Sunnyside lodge – April 5, 2018

Alta bear – April 5, 2018

Before 1 pm, we were on our way back to the Cliff. After a recharging nap, Todd had energy once again for the pool.

Bus from Alta to Snowbird – April 5, 2018


On our last day at Snowbird, it actually rained…a first for us! It was fine, though. We hung out in the room, walked the hallways, and took the shuttle to the Snowbird Center for lunch. I’ve never had smoked eggplant on a pizza, but it really added some extra flavor! (Notice the little brown things in the picture.) Todd played with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, for the last time. After nap, we went to the pool one last time.

April 6, 2018

Pizza from the Snowbird Center – April 6, 2018

April 6, 2018




Part 4: Tuesday, April 3 – Wednesday April 4


This was a day off from skiing. Since Todd was having so much fun at the pool, Eric had the idea to check out an indoor pool in Salt Lake City. I did a Google search and found this place: the Fairmont Aquatic Center. As you can see, the ‘leisure pool’ has a water slide, although not for Todd (there is a height requirement). It was fast! The wading area is shallow, but it gets deeper toward the ‘current channel,’ around back. The current is fairly strong, actually! Todd isn’t a fan of splashy water features but he had fun clinging to me and having Eric pretend to be the ‘creature’ (i.e., from the Black Lagoon).

Fairmont Aquatic Center – April 3, 2018

After swimming, we had lunch at the Vertical Diner (mentioned in this post). Todd had a good appetite (no surprise). I think he actually took a bite of carrot stick, too.

The Vertical Diner – April 3, 2018

Back at the Cliff, after Todd’s nap (he says ‘our naps’), we swam yet again!


We skied on Chickadee, armed with plenty of jelly beans. Todd was a skiing machine. I don’t know how many runs we did, but the number was high!

Eric & Todd – April 4, 2018

We took our usual snack break at the Snowbird Center. Todd liked getting ‘yellow chips’ and animal crackers from the store.

Snack break at the Snowbird Center – April 4, 2018

After getting geared back up, we continued our routine (that started on our first ski day): visiting ‘the turtles’ (i.e., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). He required some play time with the turtles each ski day before he was ready to head back out on the slopes.

Todd plays with the turtles – April 4, 2018

At the pool, Todd pretended to be Hulk. He knocked over safety cones, used his tough voice, and jumped into the water.


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