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14.5 months old - November 5, 2015

14.5 months old – November 5, 2015

OCTOBER 21 – NOVEMBER 21 (2015)


  • “grooving” to music during dinner
  • waves arms wildly
  • he’s always happy but 10/23 was an especially happy morning
  • his big kisses are the best and some days I got lots of them 🙂 (10/30, 11/1)
  • he hugged a kid at Kindermusik (11/3)
  • big hugs with his new, big stuffed bear “Chopper the pillow bear” (purchased 11/3)
  • he sits and leans on his pillow bear, hugs and kisses him
  • he hugged and started to kiss a kid who came up to him at the school playground (11/5)
  • he kisses cats in books
  • we do family “group hugs”
Pillow bear - Love at first sight! - November 3, 2015

Pillow bear – Love at first sight! – November 3, 2015


  • he tried to put Eric’s glasses on (10/21)
  • he tried to put sock on my foot (10/22)
  • he got out a disposable diaper, unfolded it, and sat on it
November 1, 2015

November 1, 2015


  • one day (10/22) he ran over a sloped section at the school playground and tripped, then the next day (10/23) when we returned, he slowed down/stopped, being careful with his steps
  • he was clearly very nervous about how he was going to get down from Eric’s dresser (when I wouldn’t jump in to help him) after he climbed up there (10/30)
  • he helps line up the yellow shapes to push them into the Tupperware Shape O Ball 
At the school playground - October 23, 2015

At the school playground – October 23, 2015


  • he zooms his cars on the Hot Wheels track
  • he likes to climb up on Eric’s bed, then dresser, and tries to pull pictures off the walls
  • Eric helps him with Pack ‘n Play “gymnastics” (i.e. swing from rail and flipping over it) (10/27)
  • he likes to stick and unstick fridge magnets (11/11)
  • Eric helps him do somersaults
  • hot tub “swim” (11/15)
  • excitedly spinning and running in place in circles (11/15)
  • jumping on couch cushions (11/19)
  • he runs…fast!  And his right foot/leg noticeably “toes-in” when he walks/runs
Zooming cars - October 26, 2015

Zooming cars – October 26, 2015


  • check this out!


  • weekly Kindermusik
  • we regularly went on stroller walks (to the park/school playgrounds and library), until the weather got cold
  • while out shopping, he increasingly wants toys that he sees (especially stuffed animals)
  • our neighbor gave Todd a pair of knitted slippers that she made for him (11/9)
Knitted slippers from our nice neighbor - November 8, 2015

Knitted slippers from our nice neighbor – November 8, 2015


  • “girl” (said at Wal-Mart and then again at home) (10/25)
  • “gah” refers to lots of things (including strawberries, flowers and more)
  • puts tongue to roof of mouth, then does “clock clock” with it (10/26)
  • makes a sort of duck sound (10/26)
  • cute “moo” with lips pushed out (10/27) but his usual “moo” sound is a soft hum
  • when he sees airplanes in the sky, he looks up, raises his right arm and says “geh”
  • dramatically practicing the “t” sound and making his face turn red in the process (10/30)
  • “moppen moppen” (11/8)
  • he said “I love you” to Eric twice, when he got home
  • he does his “sheep” sound (“putt putt putt” with puffed-out lips) for pigs, too
  • “go go” (11/17)
October 23, 2015

October 23, 2015


  • responds to “Where’s your bear?” without me providing any gestures, looks for bear (in crib) (10/23)
  • arm sign for “airplane” (10/28)
  • he raises his right arm up and makes a sound when he wants something
  • hand sign for “fish” (11/8)
  • he stuck out his tongue after seeing a dog in a book with tongue sticking out (11/11)
  • hand sign for “bird” (11/12)
November 6, 2015

November 6, 2015


  • Dentist appointment (10/28)
  • Todd’s dentist said his teeth are coming in out of order so permanent teeth should do the same
  • she recommended offering water in sippy cup before bed to rinse his mouth out just before falling asleep
  • she showed how to hold his arms/legs so he’s not able to resist having teeth brushed
  • he loved the big bear there
The bear at the dentist office - October 28, 2015

The bear at the dentist office – October 28, 2015


  • tooth #5 = right upper lateral incisor (11/9)
  • tooth #6 = right bottom 1st molar (11/14)
  • tooth #7 = left upper lateral incisor (11/19)


  • no costume this year but he wore his baseball player outfit at Kindermusik that week
  • he loved going to the door to see the kids trick-or-treating and sometimes got upset when we shut the door
Kindermusik class (photo by Shelley)- October 27, 2015

Kindermusik class (photo by Shelley)- October 27, 2015


  • his cousin Kylie babysat for 2.5 hours (11/13)
  • 1st times having a babysitter all day (Kylie, 11/18 and 11/20)
  • he responded very well to having a babysitter, no anxiety!
Cousins! Kylie & Todd - October 24, 2015

Cousins! Kylie & Todd – October 24, 2015


  • I worked 3 Sundays this month, so Todd got to spend those days with “dada”
  • out to eat at Jimmy’s with Grammie, Granddad (Eric’s parents) & cousin Kylie (10/24)
  • visit from Grammie, Granddad and Uncle Jeff (Eric’s brother) while Kylie babysat (11/18)


  • doesn’t necessarily eat everything at lunch/dinner anymore but still eats plenty
  • he puts his face to the snack (i.e. dry cereal) instead of picking up with fingers
  • wanted more and more chickpeas (10/21)
  • raspberries are always a favorite
  • new (vegan) foods: Field Roast deli slice, pomegranate arils
  • throwing food toward end of the month
#minivegan - November 9, 2015

#minivegan – November 9, 2015


  • we opened the last can of formula (#74 on 11/18), which means he went through about 1.25 cans this month
  • he continues to drink equal parts organic soy formula, soy milk, hemp milk and homemade cashew oat milk in his sippy cups
Drinking "Formula Milk" with Pillow Bear - November 5, 2015

Drinking “Formula Milk” with Pillow Bear – November 5, 2015


  • last swing nap (10/27)
  • started crib naps (10/28)
  • (easy!) Transition From Swing Naps to Crib Naps (10/28 – 11/2)
  • after 11/4 Todd didn’t cry at all when I put him in his crib for naps
  • shortest crib nap = 1 hour
  • longest crib nap = 3.5 hours
  • he likes to sleep with his pillow blanket over his face, hugging his water
Bedtime - November 13, 2015

Bedtime – November 13, 2015


  • despite getting 4 new teeth, this was his best sleep month to date = ZERO nighttime wake ups!
  • Average night-time sleep = 9.95 hours
  • he fell asleep on me on the couch (before bedtime) two days in a row (10/29 & 10/30)
A rare evening catnap - October 29, 2015

A rare evening catnap – October 29, 2015


  • 40 poops were done in the toilet
  • 21 poops were “misses” (5 of those times, he did more poop in the toilet as soon as we got him there)
  • possible communication by pushing on my legs (then he went in the toilet) (10/23)
  • I noticed a tiny freckle on his butt after I realized it wasn’t a speck of poop that wouldn’t come off…haha!
  • I led him (walking) to the toilet when I knew he had to go poop, he followed me and went (11/6)
  • using more disposable diapers but still using underwear, too
  • he thinks it’s funny when he pees on the carpet (he waits for me to make eye contact, then grins and laughs)
  • increasingly fights being put on the toilet for pees
He doesn't always let you put him on the toilet like this! - October 25, 2015

He doesn’t always let you put him on the toilet like this! – October 25, 2015

All for now!

I haven’t done a post about animal rights/animal advocacy in a loooong time.  I’m way overdue, don’t you think?!  Here’s something I wrote up a long while back and it was just sitting in a computer file…


In my continuing quest to try to figure out why some people go vegan & some people don’t (even if it seems like they should “know better”), I think I have broken it down to 3 components…ALL 3 which must be in place in order for someone to go vegan and– more importantly– stay vegan:

1. Empathy. Complete empathy. Nothing partial about it. You must be able to put yourself fully in the position of other animals.

2. Taking personal responsibility to act. Never leaving it for someone else to deal with. Feeling an obligation to help.

3. Permanently staying in those states of “empathy” & “taking personal responsibility.”

So…if #1 isn’t there, you will be able to justify just about any form of animal use on the basis of “it’s not that bad” or “it’s okay because it’s not me.” Vegetarians could fall in this category. “Happy meat” eaters could fall in this category when they partially empathize but they don’t completely empathize so they try to eat “less” cruel but not cruelty “free.”

If #2 isn’t there, then you will always leave the “action” to others.

If #3 isn’t there, then you have the people who may feel compelled to stop eating animals one day but then they go back to old habits pretty soon after, when they allow themselves to “forget” about the horrors.

"There are those who are appalled because I am so vocal about injustice, yet I am equally appalled by their silence." Lujene Clark

“Every time you purchase animal products you pay assassins to murder sentient beings for you.”

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