Get ready for some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-L-Y rich coconut milk-based vegan ice creams.  I went to Full Tilt Ice Cream‘s University District location.  You wouldn’t suspect there are vegan options looking at just the sandwich board on the street…

…but step inside and your decadent choices beckon!  Sample them all before you decide 🙂

The “single” scoop is actually 2 huge scoops.  I had 1 scoop Mayan Chocolate (i.e. with cinnamon) and 1 scoop Chocolate Mint.  This ice cream was at least as good as Coconut Bliss, which is my “gold standard” for vegan ice cream.


My friends had a scoop of the toasted coconut flavor.

 Eat vegan ice cream and no cows get hurt.  There’s zero deprivation here!