Go Vegan Tip #1

JUMP in!  At some point you’ve just got to GO for it.  Going vegan is not something you do half way.  You might be a little afraid, but there is nothing to fear.  Once you do it, you’ll see that it was much easier than you thought.  You’ll be glad you did and you’ll be wondering what took you so long!


I know it’s basic, but it’s true:  Attitude IS everything.  So jump into veganism with your whole being.  Smile.  This is not a diet – it is a beautiful way of living and the best way to honor the LIFE in all living beings.

Veganism puts your innermost values of compassion and fairness into action.  Congratulations for making a profoundly positive decision.  Get excited!  Seek support.  Have fun trying new things.  Enjoy the positive changes.  Learn all you can.  Negativity is OUT.

If you look for abundance you will find it. If you look for deprivation you will find it.  Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.


Now that wasn’t too difficult, was it?

(Pictures taken 1/31/10 at Mission Ridge)